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Autumn 2018: Gathering & Gratitude

interior design trends 2018

interior design trends 2018

interior design trends 2018 dimensional materials

interior design trends 2018, adorned with beads

This Autumn, the runways are packed with textiles rich with dimension, fullness, embroidery, beading, and a little bit of shimmer. Brilliant blood orange, deep indigo, light lavender, cream, and a wonderful turquoise dance across the stage, fabrics billowing with every step. We can’t wait to see these patterns and trends come to life on the interior design scene. We’ve culled a few of our favorite vignettes that reflect the fashion trends we’re noticing of late. This holiday, as you gather together with friends and family, don’t be afraid to bring a little color and dimension to your table.

interior design trends 2018, rich, colorful textiles and dimensional glass elements light up this kitchen

Kitchen Design Trends for Fall 2018

The cheery blue and orange hues in this kitchen complement each other seamlessly. The scheme is bright and colorful and the lighting and hardware quietly reference the history of the home. Visual texture creates a dynamic and delightful space. Settings like these spark lively conversation as friends and family draw near to be a part of the cooking, preparation, and serving. The kitchen bares all the inner workings of the home, and there’s something so intimate about gathering here.

interior design trends 2018, an atmosphere of luxury

This space is brimming with rich textures and textiles. The high pile rug and plush pillows offer irresistible comfort, while the stunning chandelier and marble backsplash add sophistication and grandeur. By layering texture, design creates an atmosphere you won’t want to leave. That’s one thing our residential interior design clients thank us for every year – their holidays are filled with family settling into their favorite chairs by the fire, propping their feet up on ottomans designed especially for that moment, piling onto the sofa all at once to open presents and make memories. A well-designed home is more than welcoming – it is deeply inviting and filled with comfort and beauty.

interior design trends 2018, charming patterns in a lively space

For a more charming interior design scheme, layering bright pastels and lively patterns gives this kitchen nook an eclectic feel without sacrificing its light and airy atmosphere.

In the stunning and textural curation below, bold hues stand out from gathered fabric, roughened leather, unfinished wood, and woven tapestries to create warmth. Accents of exposed natural wood and leather are unapologetically Northwest. It’s the patterned pillows and throw, the colorful table runner, the large-scale chandelier, and the indigo dishware that bring this space its intricate beauty. Hosting your guests in a space that is decidedly your style is one of the most satisfying moments in the holiday season. Gathering in gratitude to enjoy each others presence with a background as breathtaking as this? Unforgettable.

interior design trends 2018, textural

The thing we love about kitchen nooks like the one below is that they’re the space that actually gets the most use. At most gatherings, everyone wants to be near the host, so people gather in the kitchen, at the bar, around the kitchen table… that’s the beauty of entertaining, and we take great joy in honing the layout of your home to match the rhythm of your life, not the other way around. The space below boasts ample room for family and friends to pile in, while still retaining a sense of intimacy. We can see these pillows and chairs feeling right at home in an urban loft or a getaway on Bainbridge. And those dazzling pendant lights with their winged friends? To die for.

interior design trends 2018

Living Room Design Trends for Autumn 2018

In everyday life, other spaces around the home become the designated eating spots. It’s so rare that a gathering takes place in the dining room itself. So why not design your home to accommodate the natural habits of guests? Serving trays on a well-proportioned coffee table mean no crumbs. Stain resistant fabric takes away the fear of red wine on the sofa. And linen napkins pretty enough to leave out around the home mean no harm comes from those little sticky hands that like to run off with muffins and cereal. This living room is elegant and refined, yet comfortably creates a conversation circle between the sofa, side chair, and fireside bench. An artisan crafted sideboard speaks of worldly travels and carefully chosen collections. Gather here.

interior design trends 2018

In a more casual setting, wooden frames and patterned curtains are offset by a dainty chandelier and lovely french doors. The colors and patterns bring this space to life and the accents and upholstery give it a feeling of refinement.

interior design trends 2018

The colors in the dining room below echo the hues of a painted dessert. The gorgeous high gloss wall paneling and molding are the distinguishing features of the space. A place to come home to, to gather in, to be thankful for. Welcome in.

interior design trends 2018, living room

interior design trends 2018, gather and give thanks


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