The longest day of the year has come. Summer Solstice! The Couture runways are covered with bright colors and silk draped silhouettes for Spring/Summer 2018. It’s time for revealing some interior design trends.

The delightfully embroidered sheer (above) from Emporio Armani’s Spring 2018 Ready-to-wear collection caught our eye as did the dissected geometric pattern. We take our cues for 2018 interior design trends predictions from couture collections worldwide. Tuned into the patterns of high fashion, we anticipate the ensuing evolution of interior design palettes and curate our own reimaginings.

Interior Design Trends Summer 2018

The pastel pantsuit and dress below are from Delpozo’s 2018 Collection, highlighted in Vogue Magazine. The striking lady in yellow is from De Lente/Zomer, shown in New York Fashion Week this year. All celebrate the sunny colors and large-scale patterns that are populating resort and ready-to-wear collections around the globe. Just like the sun, these colors are out to play.

interior design trends

As we bask gleefully in the deliciously long days of summer, we notice a return to color and pattern in people’s dress. Bright orange and blues and pinks. A certain glow returns to people’s demeanor. People are chatting on front lawns and staying late in living rooms, reclining on linen sofas, sipping summer drinks as the light wanes.

This year’s Spring/Summer collections abound with color. Festive prints! Geometric abstractions! Tassels! We feast our eyes on garments as colorful as the summer boardwalk.

The flowing dress on the right is highlighted in Harper’s Bazzar, and we are head over heels. What a statement piece! We loved the reference to abstractionism and the fresh color palette.

interior design trends

More striking block color outfits and geometric patterns flock to the stage. Then — is that a spin on pop art?! Whatever this Missoni piece intended, we love it! The pinstripes combined with dazzling pastels are a yes in our book.

interior design trends

Sure enough, pop art takes center stage in the 2018 interior design trends 2018.

The Versace tribute piece below is irresistible.

Pop Art Influence on Current Interior Design Trends

Straying from high art themes of morality, mythology and classicism, Pop artists celebrated commonplace object and people of everyday life. The cultural scene then seems an echo of our current state of affairs.

The 1950’s and ’60’s were a time of great change. World War II had ended, and America was experiencing an unprecedented period of economic growth. Society was re-exploring the meaning of things, stars like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe were leading the scene, and consumerism was booming. Pop art hit the scene with New York artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, and Claes Oldenburg. Their signature style drew from popular culture and iconic imagery. They highlighted things as simple as a Campbell’s Soup label and as iconic as Jackie Kennedy’s smile.

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Versace’s spring/summer 2018 collection (below right and center) features these dynamic pieces as a tribute.

It’s early yet to see this season’s fashion trends appear in design, but this trend was too fun to pass up a highlight. Here are a few of the rooms we’ve curated that boast pop art, from modern spins to iconic tributes, and the bright geometric palette sweeping us into summer.

interior design trends

Colorful accents bring this stately space to life. Art itself is a highly personal preference, but it is what makes your home come alive. From sparking conversations among friends to the way it meets your eye as you pass through your corridors, art is life-giving.

interior design trends

These linen pillows are to die for. We can just see a friend settling into a cool cluster of these bright colors and staying for hours. On long summer evenings, there’s nothing more comfortable than a soft sofa for reclining and a linen pillow or throw to caress your skin.

The evening light washes over the canvas and the conversations twist and turn as the breeze lifts and carries through the open windows. Aaaaah feels like summer!

interior design trends

Iconic pop art gives a room an instant sense of relevance and interest. If we were to take the reigns on the space below, we would install Warhol’s Jackie in a heartbeat.

Enlivening colors lend a tangible vitality to any living space.

interior design trends

There’s nothing we love more than a chic space with original finishes and adorning it with saturated hues and whimsical accents like this recovered chair. How fun is that orange leather and the pop art back!

Elegant shapes and modern touches create the perfect blend of elegance and hospitality.

Everywhere we look, these oranges, pinks, and blues are hovering in fashion, design, and media. We adore the way the colors take to the linen on the drapes and ottoman in this vignette. We could see these accents finding themselves quite at home in an original Capitol Hill condo or bungalow.

interior design trends

And of course, the modern Scandinavian style gives pop art the Northwest twist we crave. These smart chairs and modern shelving housing the art are a dream!

On the left, Marilyn seems perfectly in place above a classical fireplace and a formal living room design. Sometimes iconic pop art and a blast of color are just the things to make a powerful statement in an enlivened space.

interior design trends

We believe in the importance of a life immersed in beautiful surroundings, collecting pieces that move you. We’re certainly moved by this movement! If you are, too, but you don’t know where to begin, we should probably chat.

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