Whether you’re acquiring tear-downs for new construction or repurposing existing structures, hauling all the details through a profitable schedule, as you well know, can be a treacherous trail. You’re hiring Keith because you rock at managing a construction calendar, but you can’t coordinate “The Look” to save your life. One foul design move can set your discriminating target market turning on their heels shoving you off clutching the cliff for survival.

Keith’s process will alleviate your situation like a steady cable elevating you back to solid footing.

Gear up with his mettle at the start of your climb for even more powerful results. He’ll address important human factors with your architects and engineers to develop plans that turn heads when we’re done.

Construction Management Done Right

As soon as the architecture is set he’ll get to work preparing your electronic specifications packet chock full of all the right furnishings, finishes, and equipment you need to place orders on time and under budget. As surprises emerge on site, he’ll be there for you ready with solutions. From curb appeal to the last glimmering particularity, Keith will have your properties shining and staged to sell. Hang on and we’ll see you at the top.