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Autumn 2019: Mix, don’t match

Mix and Match 2020

For our Form Follows Fashion series, we pull from trend predictions around the world to gather beautiful and unique design inspirations. From couture collections to high fashion runways, we look at the year ahead and curate our predictions for each season into mood boards of our favorite vignettes.

This Autumn’s edition Mix, don’t match draws from the wild pattern play we see on the runways, from Versace to Louis Vuitton. Clashing prints collide with bright colors and dramatic silhouettes, and the result… is absolutely dashing.

A layered look can have a wonderfully global effect on a design scheme. These images pull from inspirations around the world, from silks and woven rugs to intricate tiles and hand painted wallpapers. A traveled look is simultaneously elegant and filled with character. Each piece tells a story, and each layer lends dimension and feeling.

Pattern play can say anything from modern eclectic to international and chic. A bold sofa with clashing pillows can create a sophisticated and elegant aethetic with a touch of mod. Extend it to the floor, the walls, the ceiling, and you’ve got a much more dramatic palette. It’s often thought that pattern on a ceiling will make a space feel smaller, but it can actually lift the ceiling and give a sense of expansion.

One of the core tenets of interior design is creating a sense of rhythm.  Mixing patterns takes a bit of finesse; the scale and feel of each layer has to fall into a sort of harmony. When done gracefully, mixing clashing prints creates a rhythm that can be captivating and dramatic. It’s about mixing styles and scales to create a conversation between each piece. Each furniture and fabric has something to add, and together they absolutely sing.

Mix, don’t match! Jewel toned solids are the backdrop for the wide array of patterns adorning these rooms. They are magazine worthy design schemes, yet they feel like home. The additions of warmth, texture and some grounding solids tie each space together and allow the rhythm to come alive.

Another secrets to achieving elegance – rather than chaos – through pattern play is to maintain a simple color scheme. In these designs, a few main colors pull the scheme together while the prints and textures create an undeniable flair. A variety of materials and well-paired clashing prints create a dynamic space with so much to say.

This next scheme is absolutely ethereal. It’s something along the lines of Wes Anderson meets Alice in Wonderland… We’re here for it! Pattern play is utterly liberating when good design turns a chaotic combination into purposeful, powerful and distinctly storied.

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