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Miller Interior Design Featured in LUXlife Magazine

Miller Interior Design, an award-winning interior design firm, was recently featured in the Spring 2021 edition of LUXlife Magazine. This feature comes after the firm was named the Best for Luxury Interior Design Services 2021 – Washington.

The firm gained recognition for its focus on luxury personalization. Keith Miller, the owner of Miller Interior Design, believes that the idea of luxury is incredibly subjective and unique to each client. Finding the uniqueness in a person is key to creating an intelligent interior environment that celebrates their personality, natural and architectural surroundings, and particular passion for art and beauty.

Each Miller Interior Design project begins by investing time in conversation to deeply understand the client’s story, home life, values, and preferences. These conversations include a simple yet evocative test that draws from everything about the client in order to guide the firm more efficiently to the set of solutions that suits them best.

The firm carefully considers each treasured item and piece of furniture so each choice tells the client’s story with meaning and purpose.

“Luxury abounds everywhere people are, if only there are those to see the luxury in those things, experiences, and treasures,” the article states. “Miller Interior Design is all about finding those luxuries, and using them to create interior environments that speak volumes about the clients that live in them.”


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the firm has increasingly shifted toward residential projects that help families accommodate work and school at home. With Keith Miller’s background in commercial interiors and healthcare, the firm is perfectly positioned to help families create spaces that minimize distractions while focusing on several different types of tasks.  In balance, conversely, solutions include a special sense of escape, even to fantasy, when escapades abroad are restricted by global events.

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