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Meet Keith:

Keith lives and works in downtown Seattle, Washington with his wife, artist|writer|educator|designer Beth Marie Miller. Keith has operated Miller Interior Design since 1995. His award-winning creativity has attracted the attention of clients with a vast array of taste preferences and project requirements.

I love working with people, transforming rooms in a building into the most comfortable, livable, and enlivening spaces for everyday life, recuperation and solace. I love the uniqueness of each extraordinary individual I consult – and their kids, their pets, their busy offices, and interesting lives.

In 1993, Keith received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Housing and Interior Design from the University of Kentucky, a four-year professional design program accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation [CIDA]. Each of Keith's instructors held doctorates in the field of interior design. Professors apprenticed under acclaimed design research specialists such as Bauhaus color theorist Josef Albers, and hosted guest instructors like Architect Michael Graves. In 1998, Keith passed the rigorous two-day qualification exam offered by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification [NCIDQ].

Rich with history, Lexington, Kentucky is a veritable museum of American residential architecture from the simple log cabin to today's sophisticated housing innovations. Studying design experientially in such an informed and collaborative environment was inspiring.  Building on that base with anthropological culture and housing studies throughout the country prepared me for designing well for any kind of style anywhere in the US and abroad. 

Keith & Beth Marie Miller with their cats, Widget & Wink

Keith Miller with Wink

Meet Beth Marie:

At Miller Interior Design Beth Marie has relished the opportunity to serve as a consultant specializing in environmentally responsible design because she is truly passionate about this part of the field. While maintaining a supervisory role at Miller Interior Design, Beth Marie lives and works in Seattle, Washington where she teaches interior design full time at Seattle Pacific University. She functions primarily as a sustainability consultant but is involved in all aspects of decision making for the company. At SPU she teaches multiple courses always incorporating issues around the environment, assists with curriculum development, advises the Interior Design Student Club among other student-focused responsibilities, and serves on the newly formed university wide Sustainability Task Force.

Keith often refers to me as his personal interior design resource library because teaching is the best way to stay on top of the latest knowledge in the industry.

Beth graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Master of Science degree in interior design in 2001. She has experience in hospitality as well as residential interior design, obtained NCIDQ certification and is a LEED-AP certified professional. She has been published in the Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences and the Journal of Housing and Society and has spoken at multiple conferences including the annual conference for the International Living Future Foundation. Her passion for the environment is only matched by her enthusiasm for student learning and love of creativity.

I believe the product manufacturing industry has the potential to change every culture by implementing environmentally responsible design. When studying chemical, energy, air quality, site impact, and social justice issues I am compelled to be part of the solution to these problems. We need not choose between humanity and the natural world. Indeed, we must embrace them both.

Keith & Beth Marie Miller with their cats, Widget & Wink

Beth Marie Miller with Widget

Meet Tony and Ann

The minute we land a project and settle on architectural plans or custom furniture designs, Tony and Ann Doutreligne set to work assembling our digital models. The details are crucial to get right, so their experience not only in computer drafting but also in architecture is a perfect addition to our team.

Ann is the driving force behind their work, setting the tone for their commitment to excellence.

“We met at school, studying architecture in the beautiful town of Ghent toward the coast northwest of Brussels, Belgium. We worked at engineering and architecture firms before landing our relationship with Keith."

There are plenty of modelers in the industry, but few truly understand European sensibilities, which play an important role in many of our design references. Who better to join us than a pair of European architects! From our ideas in Seattle to their screens in Belgium, we work together focusing on service, availability, quality, creativity, and dedication to bring world-class solutions to every client.

When Tony isn’t absorbed in his digital life building virtual models, you’ll find him in his wood shop crafting actual three-dimensional objects.

Keith & Beth Marie Miller with their cats, Widget & Wink

Tony and Ann Doutreligne


Working with Keith and his exuberant, positive nature has been a sincere pleasure. We know ourselves better for knowing him.

Jame Smith / International Corp.

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