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Reflections from our Clientele

"Keith exhibits abundant creativity and boundless energy that inspires the whole project team and client."

Mark Elster, Architect, AOME Architects

"Keith is a creative and flexible thinker with whom it is a pleasure to collaborate."

John Adams, Architect, Adams Architecture

"Working with Miller Interior Design is a pleasure. They always bring projects that challenge my skills as a craftsman. Communication is excellent, many questions and details are brought to me and together we perfect the design and Keith always delivers a superior product to his clients."

Mark Kulseth, Craftsman, Mark Joseph Design & Workroom

"Keith Miller is an energetic and very creative interior designer with a wealth of experience. As a builder I love to work on his projects because his CAD skills show us in advance exactly what is expected for the end result."

Brian Bate, Tend Home Services

"Keith and his team at Miller Interior Design are go getters. They are a blast to work with. They are fun, vibrant and amazingly creative. They think outside the box for innovative ways to give their clients the absolute best service available in the design industry. I highly recommend working with them for all of your design needs."

Keith Anderson, Wallbeds Northwest

"Keith and I have worked together for many years. He is a dedicated designer with an attention for detail."

Rick Cristl, AAA Kartak Glass & Closet

"I love working with Keith. I have worked with him on numerous projects and each one has not only been a success, but fun to do. Keith is creative and has a wonderful eye. He is able to combine things in ways that you would never consider, but end up looking great. So many interior designers decorate houses using their own signature style; you have no sense what the people who live in the house like or are like. The highest compliment and best thing that I can say about Keith is that when he is through with a project, our house looks like "us," only a thousand times better than we could have done it ourselves!"

Lisa Samson, Coastal Seattle Resident

"What Keith did for us was look into who we are and report back to us not only a deeper understanding of our brand, but a place that defines us so well our clients are excited to visit us and jump in on what we're able to do for them. Keith played a significant role in attracting the business we're getting today. "

Dan Holsclaw, Finance Director, iSoftStone North America

"The thing I really enjoy about the work Keith and Beth do is, like aesthetic archeologists, they carefully survey the neighborhood surrounding the house I am building for design cues to make color, style and appearance selections that allow my house to blend well with the neighborhood while remaining unique and attractive."

Jim Barger, Greenleaf Construction

"Keith has an uncanny ability to pick out colors and materials that match your personality and taste the first time, making the whole process so easy. He is accommodating and a joy to work with; efficient and diligent about getting the right product at a good price. He took initiative and got the job done on time, using excellent project management skills and has wonderful taste!"

CJ and Molly Vlahovich, Kirkland Residents

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Keith, we have very much enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with you on the custom green designs that you have created. If we could only duplicate designers like you across America, our efforts to create products that are healthy for the end user and good for the environment would be so much easier! Our sincere thanks."

Chuck Lodge, President, Baltix Sustainable Furniture

"It was a pleasure working with Keith on my projects. Keith was very helpful in bringing new ideas to the table in a timely manner as well as a professional format. I appreciate that Keith was conscious of my budget as well when suggesting design ideas. I was very pleased with the way the finished product turned out."

Ron Thoreson, Owner, R. Thoreson Homes

"Keith is great fun to work with. He is the most creative person I have ever met and so enthusiastic about every project. I live in a restored 1917 Prairie style house and collect both contemporary and fine art. I have a very eclectic style. Keith has pulled together all the things I love into a unique and wonderful combination of art and furnishings. He has created the most unusual and fun pieces of furniture ( horn bench, yes! ) and his fabrics and construction are always of amazing quality. I know I will never see my pieces repeated in another house. I love looking at the spaces in my house Keith has designed. They always make me smile! I never thought I’d find a design consultant who would understand my unique style - until I met Keith. He's the best!"

Dr. Nancy Nagle, Historic Home Owner

"I wanted to take a moment and thank you very much for the extremely positive experience in teaming with you on our project. It is rare that the principal designer of a large scale project such as this... balances the complexities and anxieties of a project with such a positive and respectful approach to all involved. You have the most amazing disposition of anyone I’ve ever worked with. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you on another project, should we be so fortunate. Additionally, I would be more than happy to recount my positive experience to anyone who would benefit from the discussion. Thank you."

Larry Bennett, President, Bennett Associates Inc.

"My husband surprised me by whisking me away while Keith and King 5’s Evening Magazine completely renovated our home office. I was extremely concerned about this idea since it takes Hal and me months to make a single decision regarding our home, and they were headed right into the part of our house I like the least. It was incredible! That’s all I could say. Keith is a genius. I couldn’t believe it was the same space. I got everything I needed, and I didn’t have to think about it! I’ve decided from here on, this is how we’ll make our home design decisions; just leave it in the hands of a capable professional."

Anne Wambach, Garden Designer, Edmonds Resident


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