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Seattle Interior Designer Keith Miller Featured in ELLE Decor

Keith Miller to be featured in ELLE Decor

We are pleased to announce that we have been featured in ELLE Décor Magazine! Readers can find us in the June 2020 edition.

Sparkling Spa by Miller Interior DesignThis comes after Keith received the esteemed International Property Awards’ 2019 Americas Property Award for Best Bathroom Design in Washington State, USA.

His award-winning design, ‘Sparkling Spa,’ showcased a redesign of the client’s least favorite room in their home into a space with the 5-star luxury spa sensibilities that the client had grown accustomed to on their travels abroad.



Keith Miller’s Interior Design Process

Keith Miller in ELLE Decor

For Keith, every project is an expression of the client’s personality, motivations, and story.

At Miller Interior Design services, we seek to know your truest self and work to build a space that celebrates you. The goal is to discover together how you want to tell the tale of your unique identity and purpose, and then reveal it eloquently or humorously or naturally or whatever tasteful way best suits you through an inspiring environment. We honor your history, source the world’s story and treasures, and respect the architecture enveloping your interiors within the context that is most suitable to how you want to live there. Through planning, procurement and project execution, we focus on what drives you to thrive and fashion it exquisitely in your personal surroundings.

The Miller Interior Design Team

Miller Interior Design is made up of, among others included here, two husband and wife teams: Keith and his wife, artist | writer | educator | designer Beth Marie Miller, and Belgium-based digital modeling duo Tony and Ann Doutreligne.

Our projects are diligently managed by our team of directors in design and expediting: Nicki DeBord, our Administrative Director, Autumn Scroggs, Project Director, Cari Mullaney, Interior Designer / Project Manager, Ann Wolf, Production Interior Designer, Carl Lierman, Graphics, and Vivek Sharma, Decorative Detailer, among a swath of talented consultants, specialists and makers.

After studying housing and interior design under acclaimed professors at the University of Kentucky and traveling the country with a field guide to American housing, Keith began operating Miller Interior Design. His award-winning creativity has attracted the attention of clients with a vast array of tastes and project requirements.

Beth Marie enjoys consulting as a specialist in environmentally responsible design. In addition to her supervisory role at Miller Interior Design, she spearheads our sustainability initiatives. Come 2022, we’ll celebrate her doctoral level Master of Fine Arts Degree in Design for Sustainability from the world class university for creative careers, Savannah College of Art and Design.

Tony and Ann studied architecture in the beautiful town of Ghent on the coast northwest of Brussels. They bring a European sensibility to our team and enjoy working together with Keith to bring world-class solutions to every client.

Nicki is an experienced administrator who thrives on helping communities shine. She persists in doing just that here at m+ID with every push of the pencil to keep each dollar in order for our company and clientele.

Autumn is a creative artist with a penchant for data entry. Every tame or wild item she imaginatively sources with Keith is cared for like precious children through the order process until they’re tucked safe and sound with you. Her world travels contribute to our dialog in design development for our globe trekking clientele, and her compassion and generosity is unsurpassed.

Cari is the best part of any contractor’s engagement with us on site. Her background in fast-paced commercial tenant improvements and as a mother of two deems her capable of 5 times the task execution capacity of the average human. She easily befriends all involved in the challenges of construction and sends a shock of efficiency straight through any obstacle with a wink and a smile.

Ann Wolf hails from large, multi-family residential and commercial interior design, executing CAD drawings, corrections, technical modifications, etc. for how we effectively communicate to a given project’s team of architects, contractors and makers with the finest set of plans, impeccable down to the last corner of the project.

The best part of stationing our flagship private studio in the heart of Seattle is that we get easy access to remarkable tech talent, like every one of our team’s spouses and Carl Lierman, our graphic designer who geeks out with the geniuses who invented the programs graphic designers use every day all over the world. His capacity to work alongside and interpret Keith’s vision for various custom details brings much-needed aid to the team for presentations and unique finery.

Speaking of unique finery, Vivek Sharma, our decorative detailer, creates stunning designs for our most challenging design solutions that employ intricacy and radiant beauty. Glass or mother-of-pearl inlay, bone outlay, wood carving, intricate paint work, metalwork, jeweled hardware, mosaic tile. You name it, stationed in beautiful Rajasthan, India, Vivek can design and achieve it. His degree in industrial design specializing in jewelry has made him quite the gem among us.

An International Presence, Based in Seattle

Keith has worked with a wide array of clients in Seattle and abroad. While investing in luxurious comfort and good design is a serious business, Keith always makes it a priority to laugh your way through the challenges each project presents.

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