Candylicious - At Home in Cristalla

This is our downtown Seattle residence. Our living room there looks like something straight out of a candy jar, doesn't it? We still love it years after we moved in that summer of 2005. When people ask my wife, designer Beth Marie Miller, and me what our favorite colors are, we say, "All of them!". Once Color Theory confirmed Full Spectrum as a legitimate color scheme I was hooked. A couple months after we moved in HGTV filmed a little show there called "Small Space Big Style". Beth and I believe in living efficiently. There's just us and a couple cats, and after squeezing into 500 sq.ft. for a few years to see how small we could go, we settled on 600 here instead - our little closet in the sky. Michael Schultheis broke his color mold to paint for us his signature celebration of mathematics with our commissioned piece called "Expansion Fractions". Admittedly, I'm not one for higher math myself, but I love that a brilliant mathematician can express how he feels about it through art!

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