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A Traveler's Guide for Your Journey

Imagine the following scenario: You’re traveling to an exotic destination. You’ve planned and saved. Now you've arrived geared up for an adventure…but no one understands you! People keep offering you things — you have no idea if you need them. You’re troubled by the value of your currency, and no matter how clear you are, you can’t seem to get these nice people to comprehend what you’re looking for. Time slips through your fingers on costly mistakes and you finish your trip disgruntled and exhausted. Well, that's just no way to have a good time achieving a dream.

Now imagine all the hassle you'd have avoided if there was only a trusted interpreter at your side. Your interior design project is that foreign world filled with daunting objectives, like life cycle assessments, complex space planning options, and innumerable design choices demanding a lot of attention and skill before you can finally attain your beautifully fashioned interiors that inspire.

Keith and his team at Miller Interior Design are your liaisons walking alongside you through this mysterious adventure, articulating the plan to your contractors, clearing the path between vision and reality for a far more fulfilling experience when all is said and done. Dive into your project equipped with a plan, a budget and qualified advisors walking you through it every step of the way.

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Keith is a creative and flexible thinker with whom it is a pleasure to collaborate.

John Adams / Architect, Adams Architecture

The best results start with planning, then procurement and project execution.

I. Planning

From site surveys and feasibility studies to comprehensive preliminary concept presentations, we'll engineer the vision to the point of purchase. We'll spell out a clear scope of work with a simple fixed price tag for us to convey the plan before shopping for any goods or hiring the help.



II. Procurement

Now that you have a clear plan of action, how will you acquire it all?  Directly through us? On your own, online or through others? It's usually a mix of all of these. We'll shortcut you through the craziness or guide you along its winding path if you want to commit the time and energy to give it a go on your own. Hire us hourly for guidance if you're buying it yourself, or for a purchasing fee, go live the good life; we'll handle tracking it all down and messing with the paperwork while you enjoy designer quality products and services at fair prices. Don't see what you need anywhere in the world? That's Keith's specialty! We'll design it custom just for you, priced by piece.

III. Project Execution

We've planned it together, we're walking through the steps of procurement, all the while interfacing with your architect, contractors, and vendors from start to finish. Constructing your dream dwellings requires interpretation of a foreign language of design+build terminology and culture. Consider us your relationship liaison; the oil that keeps the machine running in top condition. We'll smooth out the rough spots with the team for an hourly rate on call as we deem necessary, no more, no less. It's our job to stick with the program until the last speck of dust is swept and your spaces are picture perfect, ready for living.