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A Fresh Approach to Your Office Interior Design

The examples you’re looking through below started with a simple but incisive brand assessment. Branded environments step beyond the color coordination of a head count of cubicles that go with the logo pasted on your reception wall and business cards. It involves looking into the heart of what drives you as a company. What role is each department playing in the making of something extraordinary? From that passion Keith fashions environments no one wants to leave for long.

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Commercial Interior Design Projects

Work at Home at Work

Let's clear the air right up front: you might be asking yourself, "Why would I trust a team with an obvious focus on residential interior design?". You wouldn't -- if all you need is a cursory T.I. makeover.

There are plenty of excellent interior design firms your broker, property manager or furniture rep might refer to you who specialize in hammering out decent commercial spaces. But if you're one of an emerging sector of small and mid-size companies in 20,000 square feet or less looking to lure your staff away from the comfortable conveniences of home for effective collaboration under one roof, there's no better advisor than a professionally trained home maker to make your team feel at home ... at work.

Keith started his career in healthcare design, which afforded him a wellspring of insight on how people at their best and worst can thrive in orderly, efficient and stimulating interior environments. Deeper, richer, more profound research emerges every year supporting the power of interior design at work. You're hiring Miller Interior Design firm to step in as the creative lead to connect the passion for what you're producing with the people you need to make it successful.

If you're not up for supporting your talented staff with the staying power of a cool place to hang out, build meaningful relationships and rocket your brand, they're going to find their way back home -- or somewhere else. Attract and retain your best and brightest happy at work ... at home ... at work...



Keith exhibits abundant creativity and boundless energy that inspires the whole project team and client.


Mark Elster / Architect, AOME Architects

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