Artisan’s Renaissance

Artisan’s Renaissance Residential interior design

When Dr. Nagle approached me, I was immediately impressed with her presentation.

Smart hair and a stunning ivory suit, she looked the picture of intelligence and style.
When I noticed her chartreuse and aqua snake-skin spiked heels, though, I knew I was in for something a little different … well, a LOT different. An impresario to the core, I was at once curious about her preferences for furnishing her sturdy century-old nationally registered Prairie Style residence in a historic neighborhood. European artisans at the helm a hundred years ago, our first tasks involved recovering the specialty stencil-work and paint effects that embellished the extensive millwork and ceilings. Remaining pure to the architectural style, however, ended abruptly with the architecture. With a wry grin she admitted her desire for an unruly juxtaposition of design styles she longed to see someone coalesce to suit her mixed collection of art. “I want people to drive by and notice nothing unusual from the street, but when they’re invited in (eyes twinkling) I want them surprised. Is there any chance you would mix Egyptian Art Deco with Funky Modern and Western Lodge in my Arts & Crafts Prairie Style home?” That’s insane! …and as it turns out, a ton of fun to figure out.
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