When the only colors you truly see are blue and yellow, then by all means, let them dominate the scheme.

Shalom’s digs in the heart of downtown Seattle pay homage to his place on the map while referencing hues of blue and gold to make his home a personally inspiring space for recuperation in the colors he sees best.
We researched city archives to find site plans of Seattle Center, home of the 1962 World’s Fair that brought Seattle the Space Needle and a place on the global stage. These, among other interesting documents connected to his place of employment in a historic building downtown, were created in a graphic collage of archaeological interest on the custom designed living room wall covering we created for him. The ideas ignited when Shalom found an early map of the city and contacted me about it. “Can we get a print of this and put it somewhere? Maybe the entry?” I’m a bit of a map lover myself, so the concept was easy to embrace…and expand! Why just frame a little map on the wall when the map can BE the wall? Small spaces explode in wonder when furnished with large scale elements. The art en plein air diptych in the living room is by Mark Stasinos. Hand painted acrylic on canvas, it features Seattle’s I-5 downtown Seneca Street exit as seen from the Madison Street Bridge. Every human-developed detail in view, just like the home itself.
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