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Le Dissident Bohéme

Nonconformist. Radical. Unconventional. Le dissident bohème embodies the rebel in us all. With different lives and different stories, interior design is not one-size-fits-all. Rather, creating the perfect boho interior is only possible when we embrace the one-of-a-kind. 

Like fashion, interior spaces provide the opportunity to make something distinct. A far cry from the mundane mold in which we often find ourselves. As we follow in the footsteps of fashion, we explore the possibilities for bold dissent and rebellious bravado in the rooms we inhabit.

Radical Texture

Texture acts as one of the most effective ways to create an unconventional, yet luxurious, interior. Bold textures add depth to the space without appearing stagnant. In the rooms below, the obvious texture offers movement in the structure, taking the eye on a journey. Textured walls and ceilings take this to the extreme, the woven and warped materials built into the bones of the room. Even radical lighting can transform an otherwise traditional space.

However, texture needn’t be incorporated directly into the architecture. Furniture, blankets, coverings, and other decorative pieces remain incredibly eye-catching and unusual, though not such an intense commitment. The woven seating and poufs below become part of the unique fabric of the space by adding smatterings of textured rebellion.

Natural Revolution

Start an indoor revolution by infusing your interior with acknowledgements of nature. Natural touches can be easily customized according to desired result: extensive jungles or exquisite details. Go big with floral wallpaper and rugs, framed with countless plants, trees, and greenery. Create an obvious centerpiece with a bold natural print covering a large space, like the bedding and headboard below. Or simply metamorphose the atmosphere with small accents—a vase of flowers, a blossoming throw pillow, a high-contrast rug.

Nonconformist Neutrals

Not a fan of bright colors? Not to worry! A space doesn’t need to be loud to make a statement. When carefully and properly arranged, neutrals provide the perfect base to blend the bohemian pieces. This is when details like decor and fixtures become vital to the vibe. Like the leopard print scarf embellishing the model, the zebra chair adds an unexpected, non-conformist touch. Lightly colored wallpaper and wicker lighting go against the grain, diverging from the norm in subtly powerful ways.

Pattern Anarchy

Patterns on patterns on patterns… for an eclectic bohemian twist that can be customized to any style. These interiors, like the fashion ensembles featured beside them, fearlessly catch the eye while brazenly committing to the look. From tiled floors and printed rugs to patterned tapestries and bold wallpaper, allow the patterns to be the focal point. Simpler pieces adorn the room, complementing the charmingly unruly motif.

Flamboyant Rebellion

Flamboyant colors, shapes, and lines make up fashions that are simultaneously unusual and undeniably stylish. Inspired by bohemian fashions and trends that know no boundaries, these interiors demonstrate the way a large range and variety of decor and color can create a cohesive space.

Moreover, the intentional use of maximalism provides the opportunity to use all your favorite things in your home. Choosing furniture you love instead of furniture that “matches”. For example, the bold chandelier, fringe chair, and painted details below may seem impossibly eclectic on their own. But when daringly integrated, interior design goes from basic to breathtaking. Art, sculptures, frames, plants, and textiles work together in establishing a comfortable and extraordinary room that portrays your personality.

Monochrome Maverick

Additionally, a favorite color outfit translates well into a favorite color interior. Monochromatic spaces, like monochromatic fashion ensembles, are anything but boring. Use different shades and tints of one color to paint the inspiring backdrop. The commitment to a single hue doesn’t restrain or inhibit the ability to branch out. Instead, this opens the possibilities for striking color accents in the form of art, textiles, or personal artifacts.



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