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Slam Dunk Daft Punk

As we begin 2022 looking forward to what this year will bring, this season’s Form Follows Fashion looks to the past to create the future. Science fiction in film and graphic art acts as inspiration for the mashup mix of cyberpunk trends. With a nod to the mise en scène of Daft Punk, these retro sci-fi interior design stylings have us plugged into the matrix of futuristic spaces and nostalgia for yesterday’s visions of the future.

Like cyberspace, cyberpunk fashion can be found in all extremes, from modern minimalism to messy amalgams. As such, it lends itself to freedom of expression, giving you room to personalize and adapt. The blending of different styles bleeds into the mix of old and new, offering something for everyone.

Retro Sci-Fi Interior Design

Although it may seem oxymoronic, these spaces demonstrate a retro futuristic style inspired by yesterday’s vision of the future. Found in both fashion and interiors, the blend of vintage colors with modern lines provides a stark contrast, giving off Star Trek vibes. Minimalist walls and tall ceilings emphasize the grandeur while colorful accents take a step back in time.

Retro Future Interior Design

Moreover, this seemingly anachronistic contrast offers extended freedom in decor. This retro sci-fi interior design style knows no boundaries, making it ideal for unique personalizations (like circle cutout windows). The past and the future blend until one can no longer distinguish between the 1960’s and the 2060’s.

retro science fiction interior design

Neon Playground

However, if the palette of retro colors is of no interest to you, science fiction has your back. Designing a neon playground à la Blade Runner creates a one-of-a-kind scene. Lighting accents take on a life of their own when installed in peculiar places. Adding a glow underneath the table or behind the bed can specially emphasize pieces that would otherwise be seen as ordinary.

Star Trek Interior Design

Spacey Sci Fi Interior design

Sci-Fi Glow

Take it a step further by following the glowing footsteps of Tron. The digital geometry of neon lights on the floors, walls, and ceilings create movement and a wide spectrum of energy in a simple space. Lines like those below make any room feel like a window into the future with otherworldly technology.

Tron Retro Sci Fi Interior Design

Smoothed Spaces

The modern, minimal side of cyberpunk comes from smooth, curved lines. Borrowing aesthetics from films like Aliens and Ex Machina, these smoothed spaces create an effortlessly sleek and glossy look by using furniture without sharp edges or corners. The blend of organic forms and sculpted materials blur the lines between the biological and the mechanical.

Modern Sci Fi Interior Design

Additionally, the use of polished, shiny accents is a simple way to transform a space into something neat and modern. For example, the circular coffee table below reflects the light and energy of the space. Terminator 2 and The Abyss famously feature amorphous, dripping characters and environments. Other curved pieces, like nebulous decor, act as an extraordinary focal point.

Terminator 2 Interior Design


Interiors featuring one color look richly modern. Monochromatic designs are ideal for showcasing the bones, lines, and architecture of a space. Rather than distracting the eye with colors and patterns, monochromatic color palettes force the attention onto the smallest architectural details.

THX Simple White Sci Fi Interior Design

Similar to the scenery and architecture in Dune, the sparse color scheme allows the eye to find beauty in the simple textures of the walls or the beautifully strong lines in the furniture. It also lends itself to an undeniable cleanliness that makes the room feel organized, fresh, and bright.

In contrast, having a single hue from top to bottom enables large windows and outdoor landscapes to become the focus. Whether in the city or the country, great views are unforgettable. As such, creating an interior that highlights the spectacular vista takes advantage of the impeccable beauty of the location.


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