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Rammed Earth

This summer, our Form Follows Fashion series explores bringing the outdoors in. Rather than the vibrant washed walls and brightly colored buildings of last month’s post, today, we venture into the natural neutrals coming directly from our Mother Earth. This rammed earth aesthetic grounds itself in the unassuming purity of the planet.

At a glance, this style emulates desert living with the use of warm sandstone. Fully committing to this look creates an extraordinary ancient adobe vibe in any home. It is a unique way to turn an interior space on its head, bringing your outside voices inside for an unexpected connection with nature.

Sedimentary Siding

Bring the outdoors in with interior walls, doorways, and even ceilings made of—or colored to look like—sandstone. Natural, curved lines add to the genuine style created by warm, neutral hues found in the sun-dried desert. Circular walls and round furniture pieces accent the layered lines in every surface.

Layers & Textures

Likewise, taking advantage of uneven layers emphasizes the organic while providing diversity. Layered sediment in rocks like sandstone paint the horizon with natural pigment. The unrefined essence of these stone or stone-like materials offers an array of colors to prevent the neutral palette from becoming basic.

Additionally, natural textures add more variety: polished stone, rough stone, layered stone, cut stone, and even wood. Different textures create subtle, but noticeable, contrast in the design of the space. Composition and consistency allow you to play with how light reflects off specific surfaces for unique embellishment.

Bare Bones

In contrast to other interior aesthetics, the rugged earth style is ideal for those who value minimalist decor. The bold stone design makes the statement you want without distracting additions. Particularly in surfaces made completely of stone, inhabitants may focus on the bare bones of the space. The materials and raw lines take center stage while the natural aesthetic takes root deep into the ground.

Old & New

However, down-to-earth colors and coarse materials can lead to the feeling of ancient outdoors living. And, often, inhabitants desire a touch of modernity. The use of gold hardware and fixtures adds distinct contrast. The striking richness of metallic fixtures establishes the crossover between old and new, ancient and modern.

In fact, the entirety of this earthy style forges the ideal blend of old and new. With the use of neutral stone design, transcendental technology grounds itself in the rooted connection to nature. This aesthetic lends itself to those who value the past and look to the future, two opposites unifying under one roof.

No matter how crazy you think your interior design dream is, it is possible. And our mission is to turn that dream into a reality, whether it’s combining complete opposites or transforming the tiniest space.


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