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California Dreamin’

The bright summer sun makes this the longest day of the year. Summer is officially here! As such, it’s time to explore this year’s warm weather trends in both the fashion realm and the world of interiors for our Form Follows Fashion series. Find inspiration for your dream design.

Intense hues, dazzling patterns, bold prints, and flashy color combos make up the styles and aesthetics of our California summer dream. These one-of-a-kind interior spaces provide an opening for individual ideals and tailored touches. The range of color palettes and stylized modes dabble in everything from striking geometric motifs to outstanding chromatic accents. And, though some of these rooms may be extravagant, these cheery spaces carry a vitality and sense of life that remind us of the youthful joys of summer.

Straight Lines & SharpCorners

This season, fashion ensembles display an unusual amount of straight lines and geometric shapes. Yet, these lines, though clean, are anything but organized. The geometry acts as an energetic backdrop or eye-catching focal point. The black and white interiors below mirror the model’s dress: diatonic patterns taking up a large surface while small bits of color offer visual relief.

But the geometry doesn’t stop there. Bold, saturated colors take shape in the form of wild fashions and eccentric interiors. Below, the colorful dress underscores a mix-and-match appearance with different sized stripes and a variety of color palettes. Likewise, the dynamic rooms create the perfect melange of pigmented prints for undying excitement in spaces where you want endless energy.

United In Color

Additionally, fashion trends are layering themselves, one on top of the other. For example, these ensembles—and interiors—go beyond the obvious lines of geometry, utilizing subtle stripes as their foundation. Wild patterns, different textures, and separate styles come together, united by one color for a strangely soothing space. These monochromatic aesthetics are calm, but not boring. Bold, but not chaotic.

Over-The-Top Color Palettes 

However, if monochrome is too monotone for you, don’t hold back on the color front! This season we’re seeing a whole rainbow of colors… The best part is the endless possibility. Prismatic interiors can be bright and daring with the most saturated hues, light and airy with pastel shades, or dark and moody with deep tones.

A kaleidoscope of colors can be implemented in any and every way, from entire walls and large artwork to specific textiles and fixtures. Embracing this multicolored style is an opportunity to say yes to everything! Perhaps you aren’t a fan of the entire space being swallowed in color, but you like the concept nonetheless. Carefully selected pieces (like the accent chairs below) can bring a joyful rainbow into your decor, capturing attention.

Mismatch Or Perfect Match?

In both fashion and interior design, there seem to be coordinating creations that come with pieces in opposition. Contrasting styles, colors, and even time periods come together for a completely unexpected design. For example, the green geometric rug contradicts the baroque architecture in the image on the left. Nevertheless, with the remaining furniture and decor, all the pieces work together for an extraordinarily unique space.

Similarly, these fashion ensembles and interior spaces work at overlapping, layering, and combining pieces that may not seem to match… But the end result is peculiarly harmonious, against all odds. Each aspect is carefully chosen and precisely placed—designed professionally for the desired effect.

That’s what we do. Our goal is to design the perfect interior with all of your favorite things, whether you mix or match or somewhere in between. 


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