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FALL 2020: Radical Adjustments

You’ll quickly gather that the trends and styles we’ve captured in this season’s Form Follows Fashion are rather eccentric… or angry… or surprisingly beautiful…. However you view it, the madness of our current cultural climate seems reflected in these bold and other-worldly collages: it is frightening, yet awe-inspiring and wondrous. Whatever you’re feeling, and that could mean a riotous mix of everything, we’re right there with you!

As many of us know, the fiery Hades that the West coast has become only adds to the escalated emotions we have all felt this year. My untimely Labor Day road trip through Oregon demonstrated the horrors and shocks of an augmented landscape and sky, filled with thick smoke and water-bearing helicopters that propelled travelers like me through highway infernos for hours. Yet, amidst the mess, I found myself in a state of amazement in observing the peculiarities of those extraordinary views! Captivating hellscapes galvanized our perspective on life, as well as on fashion and interior design; those unusual situations can elevate us above the chaos to unlock the beauty in our hectic personal lives, experiencing the hardship of going through it, all the while seeing the wonder of it from a bird’s eye view.

The hodgepodge mix in both fashion and interior design uses principles of collage and pastiche to nod to visual fads and styles of the past, while reveling in modern diversity, creating visual unity through wild variety. Bold colors and lively patterns can easily be seen in the disparaging unlikeness of wall paints and wallpapers, but this catchall brings a fusion that successfully releases emotions and personalizes your space to portray what you are all about.

Another recent fashion trend uses sheer fabrics and materials to let light through to display layers of colors and patterns. The possibilities to utilize cables or strings or lines to create patterns of light turn a plain space into a hazy, crystalline fairytale. The cathartic escape into these sensibilities are easily accomplished with the translucence of glass and films, windows and walls, furniture and decor.

Similar to the translucent trend, glass reflects the light as well as allows it to pass through. The glass itself seems to be the focus as the colors and angles change with the sunlight of the day. Stained glass windows and glass decor dazzle onlookers and create something bright, burning, and heavenly.

The use of light in interior design differs from any translucence or sun transference through windows; creating light seems to defy the darkness, whether it be with neon decor, superfluous light fixtures, blinding art, or flickering furniture. Light rejects the natural time or space and shines independent of sun or moonlight to be the source of the glow. It’s a dark time. Be the light! We’ll help you express how.

Repetition creates pattern, but the smaller the repeating elements, the closer it comes to a texture. The pixelization of a micropattern creates texture without creating a mess. Freckled scales demonstrate variegated color, bringing unmatched life and energy to your space. Perhaps walls or ceilings are the easiest ways to incorporate a micropattern, but this illusion of texture can be added elsewhere (like the incredible polychromatic chair pictured here – dynamic!).

We love a good jaw-dropping, time-stopping, gravity-defying piece, whether fashion or decor. These elements create a weightlessness and relaxation that float us through life, rather than making us feel stuck. When everything else seems heavy, make your space a floating sanctuary. Lights, art, micropatterns, all can be hung to echo the supernatural beauty and peace that comes from your life in your space suspended in rest and purpose.

Tassels and fringe blend the weightlessness of suspension with the texture of micropatterns and the light possibilities of translucence. Tassels seem to be a simple addition, yet they upgrade anything they touch! The frou frou fanciness of tasseled furniture is sure to make a statement; the layers, colors, and movement of fringe brings attention to the decorative finesse of your space, just as it does to your fabulous outfit.

You’re doing great things in the midst of this mad mad time! And with gladness we, too, accept the challenges through which we walk to completion our prized clientele; people like you who are taking the reins on this lunacy and having it steered to results that nourish the soul. The combinations of these ideas and elements are endless and unique to emphasize you and your space. No matter what the world looks like, you get to be the hero in your story and control what
your world looks like. Contact us—it is our honor to create for you your personal sanctuary.


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