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Featured Maker: Alexander Lamont

Miller Interior Design Sample Board

We take great delight in maintaining personal relationships with a robust library of craftspeople and artisans to source for our interior design projects.

With Keith’s panache as a creative, he has an incredible way of turning an already beautiful piece into a custom artifact that speaks to you and your taste. He has a knack for reading between the lines and translating the things you’re drawn to into a unique and enlivening space that’s as functional as it is beautiful.

What we adore about bespoke furniture and accent pieces is the opportunity to involve you as our client in selecting the materials and finishing details that inspire you. We curate the design customizations, working closely with you to bring the vision to life.

Miller Interior Design and Alexander Lamont

Today we are sharing one of our deeply favorite artists: the illustrious Alexander Lamont. His designs are intricately crafted by hand by the fine craftspeople in his studios. His entire line is customizable, and the beautiful natural finishes are endless.

Take a look at some of our preferences assembled to catch your eye.

prism sideboard

The Prism Sideboard above has such a dynamic flair with its alternating diagonal straw marquetry and inlaid Mother of Pearl. From afar, it’s a statement. Up close, it draws you into every breathtaking detail. The indigo plays off the pale golds to exude the rich atmosphere of something global yet unmistakably one of a kind.

The wall covering below is another visually stunning piece. It draws you in with so much visual texture and depth that the pattern appears to stand proud of the wall. Trust us when we say you’ll have to touch it to believe it. A wall covering as the one shown gives a room an instant sophistication without the complications of true built-in paneling.

straw marquetry

Another favorite is their intricate straw marquetry.

Wrap a room in the dimensional quality of this stunning wall covering for a distinguished flair.

Alexander Lamont Straw Marquetry with Miller Interior Design

The cabinet above left is to die for. A radiating sunburst of silky reflective natural materials, this colorful piece draws the eye and satisfies the soul’s longing for color and organic detail. The straw marquetry is crafted by hand, piece by piece, and the dark Wenge interior is lacquered then polished by hand. The bronze handles and legs give this hutch the distinguished aura of a collector’s item.

Alexander Lamont’s straw marquetry finishes are remarkably intricate and irresistibly smooth. The page spread at the base of our inspiration table shows the level of quality craftsmanship that goes into each piece. There a craftswoman applies gold leafing to an inlaid piece of straw marquetry.

straw marquetry

Alexander Lamont's work


What makes Alexander Lamont so exquisite is their level of uniqueness in design. From the hardware to the finishes, every detail is remarkably distinct from anything we’ve seen.

His collections are inspired by the luminous decorative arts of Europe and Japan during the early twentieth century. Through meticulous detail, his workshop revives lost traditions and ways of applying rare and elegant materials to create masterpieces. As they so eloquently describe,

“Lamont creates elements of vitality that dwell in the margin between art and furniture.”

Miller Interior Design Sourcing Alexander Lamont Sketch

Alexander Lamont's works on table

From the vivid reds to the fanned black pattern, to the gold leaf to the diamond table legs, this collection is deliciously chic. We love how the light catches the varying facets of the table leg to create dimensionality and shadow play.

Alexander’s skilled artists carry on the authentic tradition of lacquer. Most finishes that claim to be lacquers these days are actually a high gloss imitation; theirs are the real thing.

Alexander Lamont's chairs Alexander Lamont's work

Here Keith peruses a selection of shagreens. Their subdued natural hues make them captivating to work with. They lend themselves to a Northwest palette with their subtle blues and greens, and the variety between each piece creates a lovely pattern.

Keith Miller Curates Shagreen Samples from Alexander Lamont

We love reflecting the natural landscape in our designs, and the shagreen texture brings Nature’s palette to life. The beauty of shagreen is that, like leather, the appearance varies widely from piece to piece. It is a byproduct of the fishing industry, which makes it a sustainable and natural material.

No harmful chemicals are used in any part of any process in Alexander Lamont’s workshops. All the finishes are carefully applied by hand. We love working with environmentally conscious companies, and this one truly shines.

Their philosophy is this:

“At Alexander Lamont, we make furniture, lighting, and accessories that are made to last for your lifetime and beyond. If well looked after, we believe our pieces will be the important collectible antiques of the future – given the increasing rarity of our materials, designs, and techniques today. Our production is very small and we take great care to make sure the environment for our workers is as clean, comfortable, safe, well ventilated and well lit as possible.”

We consider it one of our greatest honors to connect with local artisans and craftspeople to bring natural beauty into your home in luxuriously personable palettes and rich detail.  May these vignettes inspire your wildest visions to fill your imagination as we craft a dwelling you’ll love to call Home.

May these vignettes inspire your wildest visions to fill your imagination as we craft a dwelling you'll love to call home.


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