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Flash Back

This month, our Form Follows Fashion series has us looking into the past for a July flashback. The fashions of the 1960’s and 1970’s inspire modern interiors with endless possibilities. From bold color schemes to select vintage furniture, every design choice collaborates to create a work of art and transform a space into a retro refuge.  

Wall To Wall

One of the greatest 1970’s fashion trends was the ensembles featuring exact matches of footwear and clothing. Likewise, the interior spaces below demonstrate the unifying effect of a color palette shared by the floors and the walls. Though the colors—and even designs—are an exact match, the simple geometry and the bright shades keep the look from becoming tired or redundant. Rather, these custom carpets create visual movement that stimulates the senses.

Hot & Loud

Bright, warm colors and earth tones were popular color groupings in the 60’s and 70’s—and they still carry the same charm today. These colors come together for a monochromatic palette that is big and bold and the ideal backdrop for innovative and inventive furniture. This is the era of the beanbag chair, after all! The amorphous and rounded seating featured below perfectly blends with the yellows, oranges, and browns for a cohesive look.

On The Floor

Rugs and carpets completely transform the room, and they’re the perfect piece for expressing personality. For example, the neutral rooms below are more minimalist in their design, save the round patterned rugs. These rugs act as a simple nod to the retro while contrasting the basic color palettes.

Moreover, rugs can take on a lively air with imperfections that give the feeling of a piece of art. The floors featured here ripple and vibrate with the musical vibrations reminiscent of this Woodstock style fashion ensemble. Vibrant contrasts in the rugs pair well with subtle furnishings, taking their place as the focal point while the furniture fades in the background.

Flower Power

The flashback style provides the opportunity for a wide ranging color palette. From earth tones to soothing neutrals to a vivid rainbow, any color pairing you choose can become a bohemian wonderland. Embracing the cheery colors of the sofa or bed below have a playful effect on the interior space that can be toned down or amped up, depending on personal preference.

Embroidery & Crochet

Like embroidered embellishments found in fashion and interior textiles, these red, white, and black patterns give off a folksy fantasy aesthetic. The walls and floors flaunt eye-catching color and mosaic visuals for an intense antique semblance.

Additionally, the colorful repeating forms found in these crochets give an undeniably nonconformist sentiment. The amalgamation of a loose motif, like floral designs, emanates a feeling of creativity that seeps into the soul. Instead of becoming overwhelming, visual balance and unity are achieved through the paradox of consistent variety.


Think Picasso. Dali. DeChirico. The 1960’s and 70’s saw surreal forms and elemental lines present in painting and sculpture. The haunting, primal mobiles and furnishings are a modern throwback gesturing to the past. These pieces form the ideal blend between the contemporary and the monolithic primitivity of humanity in a beautiful way.

Red & Blue 

The classic combination of royal blue and cardinal red is something straight out of a Crayola box. It’s a pairing we see in every phase of life, standing the test of time through the decades. These colors possess an air of confidence, durability, and longevity that is familiar, yet adventurous.

Now that we’ve filled our heads with July retro dreams, it’s time to embrace the groovy, trippy, hippy, and free-spirited nature we all have within ourselves. 


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