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Form Follows Fashion: Covid 3 Pak!

Form Follows Fashion - 2020 - Miller Interior Design

Well, back in January, I had an entirely different anticipation for how 2020 was likely to play out.  What a phenomenal spiral into chaos – wow!  The shock and the shift, all the pivoting and pursuits that we’ve all been managing have left us investing in the adjustments and setting aside our quarterly Form Follows Fashion posts.  We had them all ready to share before the world went wacky.  So, we’re gonna play the COVID Card here and distribute the full set of 3 seasons we’ve all endured in this virus’s plight to destroy us.  Grab your coats and coffee for our first edition in our series of three we’re calling our COVID 3-Pak, sharing with you what we were seeing for Winter 2020 taking place back in January.  Next, don the mask and sanitizer while we address the fashions back in Spring 2020 from our utopian visions of the long-ago realm of 2019.  We’ll finish it off owning the state of the planet with our observations for Summer 2020 before it’s too late to call it the present season.  We’ll be back up and running on time for Fall 2020, duck and cover for the holidays, then see you on the other side for whatever 2021 has for us all.  Enjoy the escape we’re offering here and reach out when you’re ready to redirect the vacation funds to the dream house goals you’ve set.  Because we’re at the ready to bring it to life. 

Covid 3 Pack: Winter

It’s Boring Without Natural Complexities

Even though the world seemed to stop this year, it didn’t. On the contrary, the world created beauty from the boring and we’ve spent our time curating this somewhat surprising collection. This winter, we specifically saw beauty spring from boring in the form of color—beige. That’s right, we’re talking about the color that is often referred to as the embodiment of boring and basic. But if you’re still thinking that, then I am here to change your mind about beige, my friends!

In the fashion world, we were exposed to the range of possibilities belonging to our neutral shade: from flowy linen and flax fabrics draped upon models to solidity in the leather and canvas structured into heavy panels, beige has got it all! On people and on walls, the principles are all the same. Beige can give a rough texture and an unfinished feel, but this isn’t a bad thing; the neutrality lends itself to a weightless and carefree energy that opens up a WORLD of possibilities. Trust me.

Firstly, let’s talk movement. A neutral palette gives you the freedom to focus on the shapes and the lines created by light or art or furniture. Rather than being about the color, your space can become more about the movement, both physical and spiritual. And your space should be all about the movement! At Miller Interior Design, our goal is to create for our clients their own space where they can pleasantly present who they are thrive there. The neutral nature of beige creates an interior where every difference stands out, every pattern and every shape has something to say—just as every person has something different to say in every home.

Ok, ok. So maybe you’re saying: “Keith, white does the exact same thing. Why beige?” We love white and we love the clean canvas it creates! But hear me out. Beige is more than just a color or a shade or a blank canvas. Beige is warmth. Beige is welcoming, natural, and sometimes even familiar—meaning beige could be exactly what you’re missing! Inventing your space requires a welcoming familiarity that soothes your mind and relaxes your soul, so, if beige will do that for you, why not give it a go?

But, hang on! With a monochromatic design, you now have possibilities of blending styles without overwhelming your senses. For example, here, we find modern frames mixed with postmodern accents and antique paneling details. The simplicity in color scheme makes complexity possible elsewhere. And, no matter the measure of simplicity you require, it is our nature as complex beings to find ourselves drawn to at least a little complexity somewhere in our immediate surroundings.

Obviously, I could go on for a while about the promising qualities of beige, which I won’t. But seriously, this Winter 2020 design season really took us back to basics—in the best way! It was all about the return to the natural, the original, and the unrefined (yessss! we love a natural diva!).

Beige isn’t just a color, it is a texture, a feeling, a warmth, an idea. And guess what… It is your honor and responsibility to yourself and your household to initiate that return and free us to create that feeling for you!

So, give beige a break because it’s back, baby! Take a look at some of our past work to see where beige is in play and keep an eye out for more since you now know that we’re all trying to be friends again with beige.

Fresh Breath: Form Follows Fashion Spring

A Refreshing Exposé into the Impact of a Singular Hue

If you’ve read my post on our Winter 2020 Form Follows Fashion trends, you’ll quickly notice that everything about this post is very different. But I believe that a different approach is needed for each color, each trend, each layout, and each person. The art is in tailoring the method for every unique experience! And with that individuality, we try to bring life to every person and space with which we come in contact; so, investigate further with me and perhaps 2020’s spring designs will speak to your personal uniqueness.

Spring designs for 2020 intended to bring us a new breath of life – utterly ironic considering the actual events of the season, I know, but maybe what we were watching develop in fashion last year is a beacon of hope for how we all recover from the real threats and grief this pandemic has birthed. A hope for a restart that the world seems to need.
In the fashion world, we can see this restart in the Neo-Mint trend that adorned models everywhere. Some models showed us pale mint that was subdued and sophisticated, while others made striking strides in brighter hues. Shimmery or textured, mint never fails to catch the eye, which is why this trend has been and will be an important one for interiors.
Mint has the lovely ability to make a statement while remaining calm—it’s sophisticated and classy, yet bright and creative. It can be the perfect color to welcome guests into your home or lead them into a room. Adding mint to your staircase is the perfect example of a fresh statement, bringing the color you need without it seeming too excited or overbearing.
Moreover, when paired with other colors, mint has an incredible versatility: it can be soft-spoken or lively… or both, simultaneously! Mix a mustard yellow or a soft pink into the room to infuse it with feeling. Add the impact of navy to create a timeless look. You can decide where you want to go with a space and blend the lights and darks—mint will support it!
However, one of our favorite things about this cool color is the cleanliness it brings to a space. The soothing cool tone emanates a feeling of freshness that causes everything to appear clean and collected. It’s the perfect addition that seems to press the reset button and breathe new life into everything. For example, creating mint cabinetry in your kitchen gives off a revitalizing energy without detracting from the other aspects of the room, like the food! It adds a backdrop of character that is subdued enough to highlight the people and memories in the foreground.
Mint can be an amazing contributor to an enlivening environment and we’ve established that it can keep up. Mint is playful. It lightens the atmosphere then draws you in until you’ve had your fill. Yet, one never knows what to expect; modern or postmodern, minimalistic or eclectic, mint can enhance any style, any object.
Whether it’s tile or a sconce, adding mint implies that you are bold enough to keep up with its intriguing playful nature. In a more private setting, mint provides a reprieve and a stillness from the world. Its refreshing and revitalizing qualities compound upon the privacy of your space to create something calm just for you, whether it be in your bedroom or office. You can add mint in subtle ways with your bedding or your desk, or go all the way with painting or wallpaper. Either way, this brilliant soothing hue takes thought to rise to the challenge, having us invent your own personal retreat within your home or workspace with its wonders and delight! After perusing the fashion couture and trend predictions in Spring 2020, we created our own mint vision boards and projects to bring the restart we all need! We would also love to answer any design questions you have, mint related or otherwise, so feel free to contact us. In the meantime, live colorfully and live true to your unique personality.

Strength in Progressive Expressions

This summer, we saw an upturn in the modern, avant-garde style in fashion. These pieces contained harsh lines, sturdy structure of the garment, and, often, they appeared a little severe. Even some of the “tamer” pieces produced some strong looks. Structured sleeves, dresses made of metal, models whose gowns had a giant hole cleverly pierced through their layers! Models walked down the runway, sometimes looking like houses and buildings: these garments had taken a page from the book of architecture. The fashion seemed to represent and pay homage to the more progressive architectural styles!

These trends can be quite useful and very exciting when it comes to the interior of a space. Harsh, modern lines can bring life and attention to an otherwise basic room with an entire wall dedicated to them (bold walls demonstrate your courage!). Whether by a flat design, like paint, or three-dimensional materials, like metal or wood, a wall adorned with these severe lines appears fresh and new—very clean and very fashionable.
In both fashion and interiors, strong and severe lines help in creating very clear movement. The eye follows the guide of the structured curves and straight edges to see each beautiful detail that has made its way into the space, however simple or ornate it may be. This movement generates an energy to fill the room with vivacity that showcases who you are! Even better, the movement produces energy that never dies; the continual lines and curves recycle the vibrating hum of wandering eyes and casual conversations that bounce off the walls and benefit your space.
However, one rather unique benefit of these modern trends is the chance to rethink your space. The addition of a unique and untraditional chair or sofa forces the viewer to reconsider their needs: why does seating have to look a certain way? Or walls? Or ceilings? A bizarrely minimal or overly complex piece throws you out of your normal view and spices things up! You may not go to any extremes, and you may even do exactly what you were planning to do anyway, but a chance to reassess your desires and your needs will result in a better space for you.
Perhaps you decide that you’re not interested in an overbearing statement and you only want a small piece of this progressive architectural style. An accent piece will liven a room and allow you to dabble in a different and unique look. Lighting like shaped hanging lamps can draw attention without being too forceful or harsh. A single door or a bookshelf is able to make an interesting focal point or make a contribution to the movement within the room. There are so many ways to incorporate the modernity of this avant-garde style without needing to go all the way.
Ultimately, every trend and every change offers new opportunities and new ideas for us to create beautifully interesting interiors that cater to each individual person. Our Form Follows Fashion series gives a small taste of “what would Keith do?” to demonstrate the varying possibilities we explore and meticulously craft at Miller Interior Design. So take a look at our other Form Follows Fashion articles if you haven’t already!

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