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It’s official: Spring is here! At least, that’s what the calendar says. But, whether or not it feels like spring, fashions and interior designs move toward a bright, lively energy that is full of color and excitement. This season’s designs show an eclectic style, focused on nature in the same way we hope spring will be. 

Drawing inspiration from old classics and traditional florals, as well as modern ideas and unique methods, these fashions and interiors revive the old to make something new. This amalgamation of art awakens the soul, rejuvenating our optimistic longing for fresh blossoms and warmer days.

Plant Paradise

Fashion is full of surprises, and this year is no exception. Runways have been filled with living plants. More specifically, living plants incorporated into clothing. As walking terrariums, these fashion pieces bring exciting life and unique energy to the ensemble. Likewise, hyper-green interiors provide the opportunity to revive the indoors while adding an element of awe to the space.

For example, transform a standard interior by using live plants for real interior essentials like light fixtures, furnishings, or textiles. A popular form of interior greenery is living walls. Made of moss, succulents, and flowers, these fresh vertical gardens are teeming with vibrant life to create a veritable Garden of Eden.

Additionally, the monochromatic backdrop of greenery offers the possibility of stark contrasts and bold focal points. Juxtapositions of color or texture are easily noticed. The striking color contrast of blue dogs in the room above catches the attention of any and all visitors. Sure, those blue dogs may be an extreme example, but don’t stick us in the doghouse. A more subtle design disparity can be found in the hexagonal detail of the living wall below. The difference in both color and texture offers energetic movement within the space.

Color Bleeds

The color bleeds we see on the runways are another fashion trend subtly inspired by Mother Nature. These bleeds take on a wet-on-wet watercolor aesthetic, the colors blending together like the fusion of bright hues on the petals of a flower.

Transitional bleeds, like the ones above, create gradient backgrounds. The faint division between dark and light manages to keep the backdrop lively, yet calming. For more flavor, color blot bleeds are more tightly arranged, one color bleeding into the next. In the ensembles and interiors below, these tie-dye colors construct a patterned textile that resembles sporadic fireworks more than an organized design.

Swedish Folk Art

Moving from abstract to specific nature references, the patterned style of Swedish folk art provides a colorful connection to the organic. The patterns and prints are distinct, portraying flora and fauna in a playful spirit. Though the style is quirky and somewhat naive, symmetry and texture add maturity to Swedish folk art. 


Here is an example of this playful sophistication delivered by a Scandinavian folk motif in one of our own recent interiors. A fun, smart client deserved a sharp, dignified, and lively looking space.

The shiny texture of the tailored suits below boosts the sophistication while the extra detail combines Swedish folk art with Victorian florals. With careful embellishments, the simplicity of organic folk art upgrades to a vibrating and vivacious interior. Sparkling and celebratory, these cheerful designs represent both the old and the young, the traditional and the modern.

Organic Complexity

However, organic plant patterns can be taken to any level of boldness and intricacy. The brightly colored fashion ensembles below are bringing back retro looks that translate into funky interiors. Intense, complex designs found on wallpapers and textiles needn’t be redundant. Patterns like these prove that prints aren’t limited to a repetitive graphic stamp. Rather, complicated and elaborate patterns offer swirls of tone and texture, creating a labyrinthine design for endless variety. Offbeat and original, unique florals can surprisingly match any mood, any style, and any personality.

A diverse field of nature-influenced styles, the designs from this spring can be tweaked, twisted, and tailored to suit each individual personality. And that’s exactly our goal!


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