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Mod-Aff Max

This month, we continue our investigation into Joyeux Savane and our inspiration from El Tayeb Nation. This is a deeper dive into Modern African Maximalism. This style of fashion and interior design allows us to encounter our world by providing artistic personalization with every exorbitant detail.

The perfect example, and perhaps the very embodiment, of Modern African Maximalism takes up residence in Royal Bamiléké pearl stools (as seen in our title page above). In traditional African art, the Bamiléké created one-of-a-kind pieces with decorative multicolored pearls. An animal figure, such as a leopard, connects the base, stool seat, and monoxyl. Covered in pearls, these beaded stools can be used as seating or as a side table. However you decide to use them, the colors and design unfailingly demonstrate execution of the maximal.

Melded Patterns

Likewise, the maximalist use of mixed prints and patterns refuses to be ignored. A variety of geometric prints and natural motifs make attractive floor-to-ceiling patterns. Runway-inspired abstract rugs and textiles add to the comforting ruckus of all your favorite patterns placed on every surface. Wallpaper and ceilings or lampshades and throw pillows reflect personality, regardless of whether or not they “match”.

Unruly Excess

Nevertheless, maximalism needn’t be a blatant blend of bright colors. Rather, the use of neutral shades can be just as eclectic when underpinned by unique designs, like the detailed wallpaper below. 

Fashion designer turned furniture designer, Rich Minsi, constructs unusual pieces in the form of a leather chaise and stool. Though these pieces exhibit muted colors and minimal lines, the amorphous and conspicuous design demonstrates an unnecessary and unmatched excess…or, you know, maximalism.

Flora & Fauna

Crisp, fresh Mod-Aff Max?  It’s exuberance is exploited naturally when we focus on flora. Be it fresh flowers or floral wallpaper, the overloaded eclectic aesthetic lends itself to a jungle of greenery. Whether your thumb is vibrant green or maybe just numb, if you’re a human on planet earth reveling in the glories of Spring a long time coming, then you appreciate – if even just a little – the untamed beauty of plants on top of plants on top of plants!

On the other hand, fauna make a lively space that is undeniably extraordinary. The patterned walls below easily incorporate the wildness of zoology while statues and sculptures continually capture the viewer’s attention and move the eye around the room.

Diacritic Collecting

Of course, one of the best ways to create a maximalist space is by using your collection. Collection of what? It may be artifacts or pieces of art, antique furniture or odd sculptures, books or bells or mugs or masks. As humans living in the modern world, we all collect items over the course of our lives, however hard we may try not to. Maximalist stylization shows that these collections forge an interior space that feels comfortable and joyful.

No matter how impractical your treasures may seem, we don’t need a minimalist purge to design an aesthetically pleasing space (but say the word and we’ll M.Condo every cubic foot!). The things you own and collect reflect your personality, your life, your love. Don’t be afraid to keep them, display them, and integrate them into your space.

Of course, like all of our projects, Mod-Aff Max isn’t for everyone.  But if this is striking a cord, then it’s time to embrace yourself and your style with eclectic maximalism, maybe even like what you’re seeing here. 

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