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Night Watch

On this, the winter solstice, the world witnesses the longest night of the year and we are officially on night watch duty. Thus, in the midst of holidays and celebrations, we are surrounded by candles and fires and strings of lights. Traditions that have lasted centuries inhabiting and filling the darkness of winter nights. And so, we dive headlong into the frosty gloom of night, searching for inspiration. 

This month, follow us in our Form Follows Fashion exploration as we delve into the textures and colors found in winter fashions. Whether timeless or trendy, these fashions influence the interior styles all around us.


Hazy Hues

As the winter nights deepen, so, too, do the shades and colors used in fashions and interiors. Deep violet and muted blue mix with low light created by glowing candles and warm lamps. Rather than feeling cold and stiff, the cool tones envelop the space in a coziness that makes you want to bundle up and hibernate.

Naturally, winter nights bring hazy hues of the setting sun and dark shades of the midnight hours. These color palettes are nearly monochromatic, the colors bleeding into each other. For example, the interiors below demonstrate the warm crisp colors of dusk. The painted walls and furniture textiles incorporate mauve and rust hues, like dusty rose and brandied apricot, emanating the dying glow of sunset.

From smoking jackets and evening gowns to sofas and throw pillows, every color of velvet transforms any space no matter how minimal into a welcoming interior that is both homey and comfortable for all guests.

Lush Velvet

Have you ever wondered why the fashions of winter always involve pillar textures, like velvet, satin, and sequins? Though it applies to fashions, these trending textures also influence and inspire interiors. So, let’s start with velvet.

Velvet is one of those fabrics that you can feel without even touching it. Simply looking at the way the light ricochets off the soft texture will have you itching to brush your fingers along the surface. Thick and luxurious, velvet exudes a particular warmth, both visually and physically.

From smoking jackets and evening gowns to sofas and throw pillows, every color of velvet transforms any space no matter how minimal into a welcoming interior that is both homey and comfortable for all guests.

Smooth Silk

Silk and satin pair beautifully with lush velvet. Like velvet, silky fabrics display their texture for all the world. Soft lines and smooth surfaces create an ethereal liquid that flows with every movement. Silk can be incorporated into interiors with textiles, but soothing satin goes beyond textiles.

These rooms demonstrate silkiness in the flawlessly smooth walls and flooring. The paint and materials give off a satin light without becoming markedly shiny. Dark black finishes act as the perfect contrast to the refracting light, whether it comes through a window or radiates from a new fixture.

Of course, the primary colors of the winter night are the darkest shades. Black, gray, charcoal… And did we mention black? These dark colors look sophisticated, elegant, and rich. However, the colorless interiors still manage to be bright with color accents and glossy surfaces, light bouncing off the finishes like luminous constellations in the night sky.

Shiny Sequins

Created with tiny pieces, sequins can often appear as the stars on a clear winter night. Even in the darkest spaces, small bits of shine prevent the look from being boring. For example, the subtle shine of the patterned wall below. Though dark, its faint glow contrasts with the rest of the surface, making it seem not so vast.

Additionally, sparkling sequins add a vibrant gleam to the fashion world at this time of year, reflecting the lights and fireworks of the many holidays. This festivity can also be seen in interior decor accents. Mirrors and mirrored objects, gold fixtures and finishes, as well as glossy floors and tiles bring the overt shimmer indoors. Spaces that are minimal or void of color are brought to life with sparkling highlights.

Amid the long nights, the winter darkness is mysterious, mystical, and beautifully overwhelming. Yet, such a darkness possesses a soothing warmth that lulls us into a comfortable sleep full of contentment and rest. Likewise, interior spaces can be inordinately beautiful while offering a haven that feels personalized to you.


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