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Very Peri: Pantone 2022 Color of the Year Interior Design

For the first time, Pantone’s color of the year was specially created for 2022. Ordinarily, the color of the year is chosen out of the thousands of hues in the Pantone library, but 17-3938 Very Peri is a brand new color, a blend of blue and deep violet with red undertones. Welcome to Pantone periwinkle interior design!

Inspired by and quite similar to periwinkle, this chromatic evolution brings to the table a coalescence of confidence, energy, and curiosity. Leatrice Eiseman of Pantone has stated that Very Peri “displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages creativity and imaginative expressions.” The main symbolism is that of creativity, individuality, and personal inventiveness. It represents the innovation and global transformation that is currently taking place with a hope to unite the world in a visionary future.

Happiest of Hues: Periwinkle Interior Design

Periwinkle, as a close companion to lavender shades, is known to have a positive impact on a person’s mindset. Likewise, color experts at Pantone say that Very Peri is the color of happiness. And, as an avid periwinkle lover, I couldn’t agree more. 

As such, periwinkle has a special importance in interior spaces, both personal and commercial. At my house, we live in periwinkle. Truly. Periwinkle walls, floor tiling, even the sofa is the same color. Floor to ceiling, this bright shade nurtures an undeniable energy, blending with positivity.

Commercial Interiors

Pantone chooses the annual colors based on their research regarding global trends, color psychology, and all types of design. From a branding and marketing standpoint, Very Peri is an excellent color choice. This iconic hue is both appealing and unforgettable. However, a great deal of branding involves the interior design of retail spaces in which periwinkle brings joy. For example, the Goop retail space below demonstrates the eye-catching nature of such a bright color while the donut café, Café Krujok, creates a playful restaurant space that echoes the sweet treats.

Very Peri Fashion Interior Design

Bold Backdrop

Similar to my particular paradise, painting your personal walls Very Peri is out of the ordinary and overwhelmingly pretty. Without harshness, it captures the attention of inhabitants and visitors. As in the entryway and rooms below, periwinkle walls and paneling transform an otherwise common space into a bold fantasy.

Periwinkle Fashion Interiors

However, painted walls don’t have to take up so much space. If a head to toe paint job overpowers the remainder of the room, two-tone walls offer a joyful alternative. The bathroom below demonstrates how just a portion of the walls add a playful personality while painting a smaller room prevents the absolute inundation of periwinkle.

Very Peri Interior Design

Fresh Furniture

Colored furniture pieces allow you to make large contributions of periwinkle without sacrificing the walls. Though bold, furniture doesn’t require the same commitment as a wall. Sofas, chairs, benches, rugs. The innovative nature of periwinkle creates the opportunity to use variations of this lavender-esque color, giving flexibility in remaining decor, without being unflinchingly rigid in the color palette. 

Periwinkle Interior Design

Additionally, colored cabinetry constitutes a soothing kitchen background. The fresh wash brings new life into the space, encouraging it to become the most lively place in the house, as the kitchen often is.

Periwinkle kitchen designs

Versatile Pairings with the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year

Very Peri opens itself up to countless possibilities in versatile color pairings. A simply classic palette includes yellow and gold contrasts. This happy color pairing provides opportunities for color accents of both hues. Whether with the use of furniture or modern art, periwinkle evolves to fit your needs and your space.

Periwinkle and Yellow Interior Design


Moreover, periwinkle lends itself to the transformation and reinvention of traditional styles. Traditional patterns, like delft, replace blue with periwinkle, uniquely modernizing it. These updated vintage designs honor its artistic history while weaving it into a hopeful future, the perfect example of “an empowering mix of newness.”

Very Peri represents the innovation and transformation from past to future, both globally and personally. Everything we do, everything we make, is our reinvention of the past, using our experiences and memories to invent a future of individuality, creativity, and curiosity. And it is vital that the space surrounding us reflects our personal journey.

When your space is so you, it creates a harmony in your life that cannot be found anywhere else. When we work with you to design a personal escape, we tailor it to your taste, invigorating your story.  And sometimes the right vibrancy is so Very Peri. We work with you to design a personal escape that is tailored to your taste, bringing your story to life.


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