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Pseudacris Regalia

This month, we explore the weird, the wacky, and, most importantly, the wild. Nature has always inspired artists, explorers, inventors, and all of humankind. Interiors are no exception! Whether it’s simply a jumping-off point or the entire idea, incorporating flora and fauna into your space can result in a vibrant and energizing interior.

Nowhere Natural

Interior design and decoration can mimic nature—without actually being natural. Spaces inspired by natural surroundings have a wide-eyed wonder, as well as soothing energy and dynamic movement, except inside a synthetic structure.For example, the interiors below are specifically designed to give off an underwater feel. The use of round, circular lines reflect the smoothness of water and the curious shape of bubbles, while the special light fixtures imitate the way light shines through water.An underwater world is just the beginning. The unique interiors shown below combine natural flora with manufactured technology, providing more opportunities for bringing nature inside. Plantlike lighting takes form in hanging air plants and light up boxes filled with greenery.

Take this interior nature to the next level by incorporating plants and flora into the very bones of the space. Walls made of soft moss or staircases filled with green grass create an aesthetic that is simultaneously natural and otherworldly.

Forest Fairytale

With careful curation and intentional design, the use of nature can transform your space into a forest fairytale. Natural materials allow you to leave behind the modern and take on the magical. Take inspiration from the treehouse vibes that speak to your inner child and metamorphose the interior to reflect that exhilarating energy.If you aren’t interested in transforming the entire exterior, a garden is the perfect solution: the in-betweenof outside and inside. Bring an Alice in Wonderland aura with a royal maze-like interior. The spaces below demonstrate the power of greenery-lined walls mixed with regal checkered tile, offering the ideal blend of a tamed interior and the wild natural world.

Ferns & Finery

However, a complete jungle needn’t be three-dimensional. Green wallpapers and wall murals (like the ones below) acknowledge nature in a convenient way. Adding green furniture and nature-inspired decor pieces make the interior feel like a rich luxury rather than an over-the-top arboretum.Nonetheless, if Secret Garden is more your vibe, it’s much the same formula with a few differences. A dark color palette is key to the moody aesthetic, especially deep green or blue walls, accented by select plants. Vines are a must, in whatever material you choose: real, painted on, or wallpapered. The images below demonstrate the way vines act as more than a plant, but an integral part of the interior decoration.

Flora and Fauna: Botanic Bliss

In contrast, a light and neutral color palette can act as the perfect backdrop for the fabulous forest you create within the space. Go big or go home with larger than life plants. The furniture and embellishments are minimal, allowing the flora to become the visual focus.

The three-dimensional nature of the plants brings depth and movement into a space. It offers an opportunity to play with layering and lighting. Ferns and leaves cast dynamic shadows to add to the exuberance of the interior, making it feel like a living, breathing organism.

Teasing Textiles

Yet, there are softer, more subtle ways to replicate the natural flora and fauna regalia of the outside world. For example, the fuzzy rugs and textiles in the images below create a moss-like floor. The soft lines, velvety texture, and natural colors provide an organic foundation for the room. The modern and minimal decor are softened by the nod to a native and wild environment.


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