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Road Trip

School has started, the leaves are changing, and fall is in the air. And we can’t stop thinking about a moody autumnal road trip to a magical mountain retreat. Perhaps a cabin vacation isn’t on our fall bucket list, but we’re ready to help you with yours!

This month’s Form Follows Fashion study is a country excursion inspired by down-to-earth fashions that are practical, yet trendy and stylized. It’s truly a tale as old as time: take the tried-and-true, and revamp it for custom modernization.

Classic Cabin-Core

Initially, mountain cabins started off as the old log structures we’ve come to know and love. Though we’ve come a long way in technology, wood cabins still hold an unrivaled nostalgic charm. In order to lean into the full country cabin look, embrace and emphasize the natural materials and rough textures that make up the space. Dark wood and unpolished stone bring a rich luxury in its raw aesthetic. Even furniture and textiles use the same natural materials with wooden chairs, wool blankets, and fur throws. 

As wood acts as the dominant component in this classic cabin creation, the space comes across as dark and cozy. The homey, lived-in feel needn’t be pristine or perfectly clean. It’s ideal for kicking back and letting loose! The glowing lights against the warm wood offer familiar comfort, whether it’s a summer road trip or a winter getaway. 

Modern Mountain Getaway

However, even among traditional wood cabins, minimal modernizations make a world of difference. For example, the wood ceilings below have been painted white for a contemporary alteration that brightens the space. You can even go as far as painting the walls white as well, all while keeping the wooden beams in the ceiling frame so you still have the cabin-y feel.

New furniture and fixtures transform a wooden cabin, making it less Little House on the Prairie and more modern mountain chalet. In the fashion ensemble below, the pink jeans and on-trend coat act as a refreshing renovation to an otherwise traditional country style. Likewise, the mod light fixtures and bohemian seating personalize the space for a new cabin twist.

Unfinished Juxtaposition

Believe it or not, extensive remodeling and redesigning may not be necessary depending on your desired look. Some cabins (like the rooms below) lean into the torn and worn, ripped and ruined. However, in this case, juxtaposition is vital. The clean white walls prevent the place from looking like a condemned shack, instead turning it into an effortlessly cool cottage.

Light & Airy

If you’ve got an incredible view, let that be the highlight! Leaving large windows and ceiling skylights uncovered and unobstructed will give the space an open and airy feel. Natural light makes everything look cleaner and brighter—maybe it’s time to add windows in order to make the most of your vacation spot.

Textured Time Off

Add texture and variety to your road trip destination with unique patterns and exciting textiles. Like the leather-snakeskin-fur-flannel combination of the fashion below, personalizing interiors can be done with different materials, finishes, patterns, and colors that may not seem to match. Though, when carefully curated, a brightly patterned rug or unique ceiling mural can become the perfect contrast in your woodsy vacation cabin.

Furniture or decor, wall mural or a painted ceiling. Take your texture and variety to the next level by layering the old with the new, the plain with the extravagant. 

Layering texture and color makes for a very non-boring room that can feature all your favorite things without looking like a disorganized storage space. Let your cabin become a real retreat that speaks to your soul.



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