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SPRING 2021: The Frill Of It

The Frill Of It

As we look at the fashion trends that have influenced this spring’s interior trends, I’m reminded of one of literature’s dearest characters: Anne of Green Gables. Anne is sweet and imaginative, while simultaneously being energetic, feisty, and down to earth. There is a certain elegance that accompanies her playful energy and genuine personality; the same girl who loves puffed sleeves and elegant parties ends up in the woods and the river, living authentically as a seeming contradiction. 



This season, we see puffed sleeves (hello, Anne with an “e”), ruffles, lace, florals, and light fabrics. This fashion is fluffy and dainty while still rustic, elegant while still natural. The aesthetic taps into the youthful spirit inside us all while reaching into the books of history for a realness and a wisdom that refuses to be ignored.




The past meets the present in the texture that we find here. Surfaces that are cracked and worn are beautiful, indicators of vintage style that gives character and personality from its stories. Milk paint, chalk paint, patinas, and weathering lend themselves to the texture that makes things natural, especially when it’s not faked. Antique walls and furniture are left unfinished to retain their spirit and archaic elegance.




Organic and natural shapes and colors run rampant through these interiors with greenery and floral prints. However, aesthetic restraint with splashes of color creates an eye-catching and engaging scene that holds both your gaze and your focus. Whether by a pattern or the color of a wall, unique spots of color stand out in their scarcity and bring attention to the remainder of the space.




With this dainty and rugged style, the writing is on the wall—and there are many ways to do that. Like a small European boutique gallery, framed art can fill the walls and overflow onto the floor and ceiling, a visually dense look that is customizable to fit your story and display your personality. Art and objects varying in size and type emanate quirk and character, while pieces that are visually similar and sized homogeneously offer something closer to order and sense.



But, if uniformity speaks to you, tidy walls can be created with a systematic gallery wall. Rectangles, squares, or strips grouped together and equally spaced form a cohesive decoration that can add detailed color. One may even add tiles for some playful decorum, tiling the wall with pieces of varied content that are the same size and style, like the walls shown here. 


Take these playful patterns to the next level by adding furniture and textiles of the same style or print, creating a dynamic similarity throughout the entire space.



Discard the excess of frames and the predetermined style of tiles by simply painting the walls! The color and design of paintings and murals bring life to a room, completely transforming it, no matter the style of painting: watercolor, acrylic or oil, naive art, collage, traditional Dutch designs or Japanese Sumi E brushwork. These scenes and patterns on the walls are easily personalized to portray authentic style and character with whimsical energy.



Even monochromatic paintings and sketches can enliven a wall; these hurried line drawings provide a casually visual, yet alluring vintage appearance that hint at a sweet and earthy atmosphere.



Additionally, the color inversion of these paintings, with white detail atop darker colors, offer the look of ornate lace or elegant crochet. Mix a bit of color in with the white to pull attention to the accents in your space.



And, of course, solid color walls are always there for you. Subtle colors paired with hand-crafted flooring and unfinished furniture bring a natural warmth that emphasizes the rugged coziness that welcomes you home.




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