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Street Sweep

With the crisp November air, fashions take a turn for warmth while interiors become our refuge as we spend more time indoors. For this month’s edition of Form Follows Fashion, we draw inspiration from the iconic layered street styles of cities like New York, Boston, Portland, and Seattle. From fashion ensembles to architectural excitements, this sweep of the streets supplies us with endless possibilities and ideas for exceptional interior design.

Distressed Designs + Blurred Lines

As with distressed and worn clothes, there is a charm and comfort to be found in interior spaces that feature faded art or textiles. A foundation of neutral colors provides the ideal blank canvas for an overwhelming distressed street sign or wall mural. The vintage pieces give the space a laid-back effortless energy that looks both pleasantly relaxed and undeniably cool.

Moreover, the blurred graffiti of the sweater with the leather pants of the ensemble below demonstrates the way different styles blended and layered together can create a statement. Likewise, the clean, shiny leather couch contrasts beautifully with the torn and timeworn wall collage of graphic wallpaper.

Classic Colors + Maximalism

However, if classic pieces and contrast colors are more to your taste, street style has a take on that, too. Far from basic, the black and white fashion ensemble—and interiors—below transform traditional monochromatic looks, turning them into a show of maximalism. Patterned wallpaper, bold murals, large art pieces. While the colors do not detract from the remainder of the space, the dynamic lines add unique movement and a modern touch that act as a display of fearless personality.

Similarly, the floral maximalist take on the traditional blazer brings exciting accents to the deep shades and masculine shape. These rooms feature bright furniture pieces and small feminine artworks dotted throughout the sturdy and solidly designed interior. Unexpected highlights and accents are an easy way to add charismatic individuality to the look.

Graffiti + Graphic Tees

We now move away from the classic and traditional, leaning toward the exciting designs of graphic tees and graffiti art. Messy, colorful compositions can be paired with anything and everything when carefully curated. Eclectic shapes, lines, and colors meet passionate word art, collages, and drawings for a vivacious interior. Graffiti graphics can be limited to a single work of art and the exterior of a furniture piece. Or you can go all the way, replicating street graffiti on entire walls and layering images for a one-of-a-kind pastiche.

Spray Paint + Color Palettes

Playing with color is a signature move for both street fashion and street art. A loose color palette allows for a variety of eclectic colors to come together in order to make the outfit or interior something bold and surprisingly stylish. The fashion ensemble below combines a denim jacket, bright green crossbody, and patterned scarf in a look that exudes confidence and flair, despite the unusual pairing.

Additionally, these interior spaces act as an amalgamation of patterns, colors, and textures. As fur lays against denim and leather, the spray paint and chaotic wall art contrast the wood, brick, and textiles in these urban apartments. 

These rooms fully commit to the graffiti and street art for a fully customizable and uniquely personal space that reflects the excitement of everyday life.

Just like New York street style, interiors can—and should—be tailored to emulate who you are. 


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