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Sunwashed: Summer 2022

The sun burns brighter for longer, warming our lives as summer officially begins. As always, the fashion world responds in kind, followed by interior trends. Fresh and light colorways flood the scene this year, all things drenched in sun-soaked saturation. Thus, as we venture into this season’s Form Follows Fashion exploration, we examine 2022 summer sun-washed trends.

The style grounds itself in a vibrant and multicolored aura. The bright colors we find prevalent this summer are not pastel shades, though, per se, nor are they deep hues. They’re sourced from vibrant intensities that acquiesce as though exposed to constant rays, fading in the sun like your favorite swimsuit or your family’s seasoned beach towels. These reminiscent color effects carry a singular warmth unique in their relationship with blazing solar exposure.

Color Catalyst

This bright and subtly bold aesthetic uses a variety of hues without a clear color scheme. Of course, the use of specific color is still carefully designed. However, it’s not limited to a few obvious shades, tones, or values in a palette. From large furniture pieces to bright walls, radiant colors complement one another with spirits free from convention. 

The mixing of many colors can be found in small essentials. Light fixtures, art pieces, throw pillows, rugs. These elements aren’t superfluous, rather they transform the basics of the space into eye-catching color accents without distracting from the brilliant hues.

Minimal Decor

Similarly, the simple design of a space maintains the focus on color. Minimalist decor roots itself in the bones and structure, the shapes and contours. Very few patterns or prints find home in these spaces. Instead, bold lines and color blocking add variety. What matters is how the colors are used, capturing the attention of the viewer with specific pairings.

As such, what little decor is used is intentional and demands to be so. A monochromatic textured geometric wall creates the ideal balance between subtle and significant. Modern armchairs and unique side tables act as sources of intrigue that integrate with vividly painted backdrops.

Washed Walls

Naturally, one of the most distinguishing aspects of a sunwashed style is exactly that: washed walls. Walls, doors, floors, ceilings, and any large facade can be washed in pigment. These saturated surfaces are simultaneously commanding and calming, particularly when customized.

Boldly painted walls lend themselves to easy personalization that quickly and effectively pump up the joy factor. Whether the shade is strategically chosen for a desired psychological effect or simply a lifetime favorite color, coated walls transform a space with a fresh tint.

Outdoors In

A very compelling aspect of sunwashed interiors is the ability to bring the outdoors into your space. Inspired by colorful buildings and complexes in the world’s sunniest places, mirroring those ideas carries the vibrancy of sunshine indoors. Your space can feel like being outside in the bright sun of a colorful summer, instantly cheering and illuminating your daily life. Regardless of seasonal weather or personal storms, sunwashed interiors burn just bright enough to conjure the solace of a summer’s breeze.

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