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Tundra: Klondike

Gold Interior Design

In these winter months, we’ve explored the tundral theme of interiors influenced by fashion trends: raw, neutral, stripped down to the sparse terrain. Yet, not all fashion trends were so frigidly minimal this season. Nor is there a complete lack of color in the tundra environmentThe Givenchy and Chloé Ready-to-Wear seasonal runway featured the shining warmth of entirely gold designs, just as the glittering snow reflects sunlight to create a golden surface. On the other hand, some designs featured accents in the form of a solitary, oversized gold jewelry piece. Whether as metallic themes or sporadic highlights, interior designers can incorporate similar trends into inhabited spaces.  Join us as we mine for the best of gold interior design.


Highlights in Gold Interior Design

Minimal Metals

The gleaming beauty of gold is incredibly versatile. Though the metal is undeniably rich, gold interior design lends itself to a variety of styles, including minimalism. Subtle gold accents evolve into larger statements of opulence, hinting at the value of the space. Accents such as gold hardware or metal railings (as seen in the staircases below) emphasize the clean lines and minimalist textures of a room.

Simple Gold Interior Design

Likewise, larger gold pieces needn’t be overwhelming. Cabinets and countertops completely covered in gold act as a color field to set the mood without turning into the excessive flamboyance of the ornamental Rococo style. These larger accents add texture and variety to an otherwise simple space.

Minimalist Gold Design

Black & Gold

However, pairing black with gold increases the weight of the scene. The reflective surfaces contrast the depth and shadow created by dark black walls, floors, or accent pieces. Heavy patterns become bolder when complemented by the metallic light of gilded façades. Dark lines and golden highlights deepen the feeling and emotions of your personalized space, making it appear richer.

Black & Gold Interior Design

Sparkling Additions

Often, a single item cast in gold or bronze is all it takes to indicate the value of the space, declaring it worthy of the richest materials. For example, these light fixtures demonstrate the fineness of their respective rooms. Adding simple, shining elements can transform a basic, minimal space into something royal.

light fixtures

In contrast, the use of gold in a rustic environment blends with the style, rather than overpowering it. Gold can patina. Thus, the texture and imperfections of the gold surface harmonize beautifully with raw materials. Natural, country, or provincial spaces and aesthetics are elevated by the accompaniment of gold patinas.

Rustic Gold Interior Design

Lavish Luxury

Gold can communicate solidity and stability, seen in grounded furniture or clean lines. Yet, gold can also drip with lavishness—literally. Dubai’s Gold on 27 leaves viewers breathless with their stunning interiors. Melted liquid gold is frozen in time as amorphous shapes and textures, demonstrating the fluidity of such a substantial metal.

Gold on 27: Liquid Gold Interior Design

Gold on Gold Interior Design

For ultimate richness, gold on gold underscores the material nature of the environment… Similar to the way the Klondike gold rush linked wealth to the frozen Alaskan territories. As a designer uses visual alchemy, the surplus of golden surfaces range from warm and celestial to austentatious and boastful. The style is completely customizable, depending upon your desires for your space.

Gold on Gold Interior Design

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