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Ultra Violet: A Soulful Reflection

pantone color of the year

Each year, we dedicate one section of our blog to the Pantone Color of the Year. Pantone has long been declared the global authority on color, and their council engages in extensive color forecasting, taking into account everything from political scene to pop culture.

This year, they chose Ultra Violet, a striking shade associated with inventiveness and artistic expression. We went from surprise to delight. In the next few pages, you can peruse through the vignettes we’ve curated to show how you can use Ultra Violet in your home.

Spring is a time of unfolding. There’s something deeply spiritual about witnessing the sudden bloom of floral branches after days and days of torrid rain. This season is reminiscent of times of hope and awakening. Pantone’s Color of the Year was surprising, yet deeply honoring to our current landscape in time.

Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Pantone Color Institute, called it a reference to the vast galaxy, creative expression, and the power of spirituality.

“With golds or other metallics, Ultra Violet becomes luxurious and dazzling; with greens or greys it evokes natural elegance. Similarly, Ultra Violet takes on distinct appearances with different materials. Lush velvets in the color suggest intrigue for evening, but are also unexpectedly modern in athleisure or sneakers. In accessories, jewelry, and eyewear, Ultra Violet suggests the complexities of natural gems, textures, and florals.”

– From the Pantone Color Institute

In many ways, color influences how we feel throughout our day. If you’ve ever come home after a long day at work and just wanted to sit on the back porch surrounded by refreshing leafy greens, you know what we’re talking about. Or if you’ve felt immediately refreshed the moment you walked into the familiarity of your master bedroom and its quiet, enlivening color palette.

This hue inspires depth, power, and tranquility.

With the rate our city is growing, the pace of life seems to move faster and faster. Traffic on your commute, a line for a table at your favorite restaurant, new construction starting every other week. The softer hues of purple can be soothing and deeply refreshing. A dash of Ultra Violet might do the soul some good.

Beyond the scope of our daily lives, in such a time of political unrest, purple tones can invite thoughtful reflection and strength.

We think Elle Décor hit the nail on the head when they wrote,

“It’s worth noting that purple has a tendency to come into vogue at important turning points in history, and that turbulent times are often, in their turn, crucibles for artistic expression. Purple was a favorite color of the Fauvists in the revolutionary first decade of the twentieth century, and had a heyday with musical artists like Jimi Hendrix in the late 60s and early 70s, at the apex of the Countercultural movement.

Could the rise of Ultra Violet in 2018 be a sign of a cultural renaissance to come? It’s too early to say, but we have high hopes for this complicated, contemplative shade of purple.”

Ultra Violet can be subdued and inviting or undeniably dramatic. Like all things, the effect depends on the context. We aren’t afraid of using colorful design schemes, but we’re also deeply devoted to crafting designs that are both personal and timeless.

For a luxurious backdrop, Pantone’s Ultra Violet serves as a wonderfully eye catching accent wall. Be it textured wallpaper from one of our couture artisans, or a deep gloss over molded paneling, we’ll dream up something wonderful.

In a recent project, we were delighted to design a dreamy garden color palette for an urban condo with no shortage of bright hues and whimsical details.

In this project, the purple is part of a wonderfully dynamic color scheme that is happy and enlivening. 

Color creates an experience.  What is it you want to experience in your home?

Moving into the master bedroom, this delightful urban garden scheme is sporting luxuriously soft periwinkle walls.  The color here is lively but also inviting.  When used sparingly in spaces, purple invites the user to relax and revel in all the eye can see.

Check out more pictures of this lively condominium design.

Whether it’s a few sprigs of lilac or a striking wallpaper, Ultra Violet creates a meditative and luxurious backdrop.

“The color can even be used as a calming agent, like the lighting in meditation spaces. In other words, it can serve as a reminder to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.” – Luxe

There is a dreamy vitality that accompanies the use of purple in bathrooms or master suites.

Having a dedicated relaxation corner in your home or even a home spa can be a canvas for the pursuit of wellness in your daily practice.

We invite you to dream with us and let this vivid shade bring reflection or revolution. Come what may. The life of your dreams awaits.


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