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Arch of the Setting Sun

Our summer comes to an end and so, too, does our examination of interior trends following this year’s warm weather fashion styles. Beginning with the influence of sunwashed colors and ensued by the neutral earth aesthetic, these styles radiate the inspirations of outdoor life—reimagined under the comforting cover of a familiar roof. As we’ve ruminated on these sunsoaked and nature-filled trends, we find the culmination of the two blog posts appears in a single design feature: arches.

Natural Magic

The mood-shaping arch cloaks spaces with a happy and calm energy, soothing the soul while adding excitement to the atmosphere. Though natural, arches are still unusual as they are less commonly used in interiors. Its organic essence provides a grounding spirit. But its rareness adds a magical feeling to an ordinary space.

Thus, every unique space can be transformed with the use of such a simple, yet powerful, shape. And, with so many different methods of incorporating arches, the possibilities grow and evolve constantly.

Structural Arches

At the foundation of a space, structural arches integrate themselves into the design and the architecture. Doorways and windows, whether empty or filled, establish the movement of the entire space, right down to the bones. When ingrained at such a basic level, essential interior design aspects offer unique opportunities in which arches may act as a main aesthetic focal point.

However, big structural arches may also be used as a backdrop rather than the center of attention. Subtle repeated patterns in ceiling design and wall organization prevent the space from becoming stale and stagnant. Regardless of color or style, this framework of movement takes an otherwise ordinary space and transforms it into a dynamic atmosphere.

Architectural Decor

Similarly, architectural decoration functions as the finishing touch of the established schema. Designs like arched alcoves and dramatically curved fireplaces, though part of the structure, are more decorative than doors and windows. These pieces take a step out of the background to become involved in the active ambiance created by the inhabitants.

Due to their more permanent nature, architecturally decorative arches appear very intentional. They demonstrate a confidence that affects the entire space. Every subsequent design choice is supported by the tranquil strength of arches such as these.

Furniture & Fixtures

In contrast, furniture and fixtures are absolutely impermanent. And they are perhaps the easiest approach to adding arches into an interior. Furniture like sofas, chairs, and tables create natural movement with noticeable round shapes and smooth, circular lines. Large furniture pieces implement a bold way to fill the space without altering the structure or architecture of the room.

Likewise, smaller features like lighting or mirrors offer an extraordinary opportunity to play with unconventional lines. For example, the u-shaped lighting fixtures below exhibit an abnormal use of arches and these minimal pieces refuse to be ignored. Additionally, the many circles and arches applied to construct the armchair below help shift our perspective regarding the traditional and typical arch.

Ultimately, arches allow for variety, for movement, for personalization. They create an other-worldly gateway that transcends basic reality. Whatever method you choose, it is the perfect way to turn your everyday space into an individual wonderland and a euphoric paradise. 


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