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Flash Forward

Last month was a fashion and interior flashback. This month, we end the summer with a flash forward. These flash forward designs still carry a retro vibe with them while looking to the future, as if the ideas in Back To The Future had been correct stylistic predictions. This yesteryear vision contains hard lines, bold colors, lustrous polishes, and bright metals for dramatic Tomorrowland interiors.

Liquid Metal

Many of these flash forward fashions demonstrate the aesthetic of the retro futuristic, the science fiction imaginings in movies and television. For example, the fashion models below sport ensembles with a unique robotic metallic sheen that adds texture and movement. The liquid metal look can be incorporated into an interior with polished chrome surfaces, like a cabinet or a sculpture or a chair. Carefully curating specific pieces allows the space to provide the flash forward feeling without going overboard and becoming too kitschy. 

Obsidian Obelisk

Sometimes, the desired style can be achieved by presence. The very grandeur and drama of certain shades or forms create an unforgettable space. Stark contrasts in color or size give an otherwise minimal interior an ominous, yet luxurious, sense of presence. For example, the flowing, oversized clothing items on the model below are instantly eye-catching while the tall black doors in the space next to her offer a towering grandeur that will not be ignored.

Unfinished Future

Additionally, precise and prudent juxtaposing contrasts bring newness to traditional forms. A bold color accent, an unexpected pattern, a surprising accessory. These visual diversities create originality even amidst classic designs. For example, the single black pant leg and oversized sunglasses in the ensemble below suggest movement, a style in progress. The look isn’t homogenized or finished. It lives in the future. These interiors display a similar energy, offering unusual harmony in anticipation.

Monochrome Mood

The singular sleek green color in the spaces and fashions below give a distinct impression of personality and unique luxury. Monochromatic spaces provide the opportunity to play with light, pattern, shape, and texture. A single color adds to the mood and the atmosphere, but does not define it. Instead, it acts as a bold background to aid in the room’s individuality.

Dynamic Duos

Likewise, high color contrasts and vibrant saturated hues invigorate and infuse the space with new life. The bright green and pink color schemes below create a City of Oz with a Midas touch, pigmented walls and textiles bejeweled with gold finishes and fixtures. 

Complementary colors, like this orange and blue pairing, give perfect harmony to the room. The color contrast provides the ideal backdrop for chronistic contrasts: modern, futuristic items mixed with nostalgic pieces. It is the sweet spot for balance and excitement.

Graffiti Grotto

Another great way to get an urban flash-forward feel is by bringing the outdoors in. Bold graffiti in the form of singular art pieces or entire walls is perfectly customizable and undeniably exciting. Graffiti is ornamental, so ornament it how you wish. Clean illustrations or fast and loose designs, splattery surfaces or organized art. Whether you lean toward a vintage Rococo look or a Manga-esque mural, graffiti is full of life and energy that will instantly energize your space.

Hearth Revival

However, looking to the future means redefining pieces of the past. The hearth is the perfect example. With modern technology warming homes, fireplaces no longer serve their central historical purpose. This common nook is an opportunity for one-of-a-kind interior expression. Flash forward by breaking the rules—tomorrow’s hearth can be whatever you want it to be!

Next-Level Staircase

Similarly, staircases needn’t be reduced to their functionality. Lean into the unpredictable by adding character and flair to an everyday transitional space. Bright colors, bold patterns, big textures. Each and every space in your house is an opportunity for style and perfect self-expression.

This is yesterday’s future, a flash forward that takes all the history we know and transforms it into an unprecedented design. From dramatic colors to extraordinary patterns to futuristic finishes, the world of style within fashion and interiors is undeniably vast.




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