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Hop Along, Sing a Song

This month, we expound on the season’s spring flings. Inspired by nature’s variety, these styles are rooted in flora and fauna. The fashion ensembles and subsequent interiors are simple, textural, and perfectly balanced in a way that echoes the logical order and devastating beauty of nature. 

With such a wide variety, there’s something for everyone. Bright colors and neutral tones. Eclectic patterns and traditional prints. Stunning maximalism and smooth minimalism. Whatever the angle, spring styles embody a rebirth and breathe life into every corner of the room.

Maxing Out Maximalism

When it comes to springlike fashions and interiors, floral maximalism never fails to make an appearance. Dense and ornate patterns create an opulent visual that can be intensified with detailed decor. However, maximalist floral interiors, though busy, can be energetic without being overwhelming. For example, the bright, bold bedroom below demonstrates how vibrating visual patterns can be balanced by a few well-placed pieces. Flat, solid colors—like the yellow ochre blanket and the green dresser—establish a visual respite and equilibrium within the space.

Moreover, the maximalism of excess florals can be composed with a limited color palette to provide a foundation of order. Reduce the palette to a few specific hues, like the pinks and blues below. The chroma organization makes the interior more calming, even amidst its exciting patterns and superfluous accessorizing. 

In contrast, the minimal palette of this blue and purple color duo uses its innate vibrance to add energy and movement, rather than reducing. Though it only possesses two hues, this interior forges an unforgettable maximalist display with saturated color and dense patterns. Filigree and arabesque patterns join floral, both flat and three-dimensional. Detailed precision creates an enchanting space that feels luxurious and otherworldly.

Color Blot Canvas

Nevertheless, floral and botanical patterns are not the only way to add a lively nature-inspired look into your space. Bring kinetic movement and vibrant energy with color blots and spots à la Jackson Pollock. These loose organic patterns offer a colorful design for walls, furniture, and textiles. It’s the perfect way to brighten the room as this style emphasizes the white space, like the openness of a canvas. Whether geometric lines or natural shapes, color blots create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that can be tailored to every individual and interior.

Grounded Earth Tones

If these prismatic rooms are too much for your taste, ground yourself in the deep colors of Mother Earth. Busy, maximalist style interiors can be surprisingly soothing when the color palette is limited to dark neutral tones. Earthy grays, browns, greens, blacks, and beiges provide a solid and stable space that stays calming without becoming boring. For example, the patterns in the images below evolve through the composition, growing and shifting the shapes and sizes. These nature-inspired motifs carry with them a stone-skipping energy that creates a uniquely enjoyable space.

Composed Contrast

Like the contrast of long shadows and bright sun in nature’s morning light, high contrast interiors create an undeniable and captivating aesthetic in any space. The black backgrounds below act as a dark canvas to emphasize the vivid colors of bright florals, reflecting the Dutch renaissance technique of chiaroscuro lighting. This method turns dark spaces into something remarkably cheery and pleasantly whimsical. Additionally, the dark backdrop adds luxury, a high-end look that elevates these designs.

High contrast designs can be taken a step further by eliminating color, focusing instead on the harmonious opposition between light and dark, black and white. The stark disparity in color draws attention to the lines, shapes, and patterns of the furniture, textiles, and decor. It accentuates symmetry, both mirrored and radial, as well as detailed nuance within each geometric and floral design.

Adding Dimension

Two-dimensional floral interiors and botanic depictions are only one way to incorporate pieces of nature. Like the fashion ensembles below, adding three-dimensional vines and blossoms to interior surfaces and spaces transforms an ordinary room into a personal secret garden. Living plants and flowers create an in-house jungle, but the principle goes beyond that. Herbaceous furnishings and sculptural fixtures provide extraordinary permanent greenery, taking traditional interior pieces to the next nature-inspired level.

Keep It Simple

Amidst the stunning eye-catching beauty of maximalist interiors, let’s not overlook the incredible effect of a simple space. Clean lines, straightforward shapes, minimal patterns. Bright pigment covers large surfaces, creating an electrifying and vibrant at-home portrait. Carefully selected colors emphasize the rare details, like the live bouquet placed among geometric forms or small patterns atop a solid shade.

Just as nature varies in its colors and forms, so, too, does the world of interior design aesthetics. Each interior project draws inspiration from different seasons, species, and styles.


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