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Inscapes: Interior Landscapes

Just like that, summer cools to fall. And, although we miss the warmth of the summer sun, the autumnal season provides new inspiration in all areas of creation. Trending runway fashions offer an incredible variety in color, style, and overall aesthetic. Interior landscapes inspired by these diverse collections are the ideal examples of Form Follows Fashion.

This season, as the sun sets in a deeper dusk, we sojourn into the varying trends, looking further into the principle and process of creating an interior based on a single piece of inspiration: an artist, an outfit, a textile, a color. Sources are endless and, when truly considered, become a conduit for an extraordinary, brooding panorama.

Thicket Romp

A good pattern, like a tussle in the undergrowth, has the ability to transform a space from basic to bold. Whether it’s your favorite go-to pattern or something from a fabric swatch, an entire room can be designed based on one special print. A pattern provides so much inspiration—the possibilities are infinite, from a particular color palette to a specific aesthetic. 

Patterns and prints can be integrated with bright wallpaper, unique rugs, and detailed textiles. In the compositions below, a single printed fashion piece inspires the colors and style of lively wallpapered interior landscape.

Hue’s Horizon

In lieu of pattern, the spreads below demonstrate color’s inspiration taken from runway styles. As seen here, the neutral tans and browns, as well as the dark hues, can form a whole color palette, simple and saturated, but transcending somber subfusions. In fact, monochromatic looks lend themselves to a luxurious and clean interior.

Moreover, a bright shade or favorite color can be used as a color accent. The chartreuse green dress and dusty salmon top act as a highlight in the fashion looks, while the same colors provide visual excitement atop neutral foundations within the interiors.

Ground Cover

Fabrics go beyond color and pattern. Inspiration can be found in the very nature of the textile itself. Different textures add interest and dimension, whether in fashion or in interiors. Many find themselves drawn to certain finishes and feelings of a surface, like the softness of fur inspirations or the roughness of raw stone.

The smooth and shiny coats below exude a metallic quality, something that is easily translated into an interior landscape. The light-reflecting finish and polished lines provide a clean look in design and decor. In like manner, the rippled textures found below revolutionize the space, attracting and leading the eye with fabric-like flow.


Rooted Temperament

Yet, some fashion forms of inspiration are far less specific. Sometimes, a fashion ensemble speaks to you as a whole, rather than one particular aspect. It’s the idea, the temperament, that inspires. These ensembles are less about the individual pieces and more about the overall aesthetic; the eclectic mix of colors, patterns, fabrics, textures, and styles can be communicated in similarly eclectic interiors.

Or, perhaps, it is the nature of a single piece that strikes an interest. The composition below begins with a pink plaid dress. From there, the persona speaks to reveal a new mix of patterns and designs, styles and colors. And, although they may seem unrelated, the end result is the outcome of the aura and personality shown by the original inspiration.

Nightwatch Vagary

Likewise, much inspiration is far looser, based more on a general feeling. The lines, patterns, and colors only guide the broad style. Rather than religiously following any particular characteristic, a fashion source acts as a jumping-off point. These interior spaces below are not dictated by their fashion origins, yet they are evidently influenced by them, as if wandering through unknown paths, discovering something striking in the cover of night.

When it comes to designing your tailored interior, anything is possible. A single image of inspiration is sufficient because a limited point of reference does not equal a limited design. The imagination interprets a single source of inspiration to create an entire environment.

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