A personal message from Keith Miller, ASID

You or someone you know is perplexed about creating suitable personal surroundings. You're craving change, but you're short on time looking for someone with intelligence, not attitude, to integrate your unique personality into spaces that look amazing, work properly and feel just like you. I'm your shortcut. Let's plan results you'll love.

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An amazing gift with a great story:

A military husband arranges the ultimate Permanent Change of Station (PCS) and gets a surprise himself! Eddie and Laura Hutchinson share their story with AHRN.com.

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Keith Miller interviewed by Dasha Morgan, Editor of “Rug News and Design” Magazine:

This is an expanded version of an article that appeared in print in the March 2014 issue of Rug News and Design Magazine.

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At Home

Live your life's story with intelligence and finesse.

As purveyors of your personal well-being, we meticulously design your surroundings to function properly, look beautiful, and feel just like you.
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Around Town

Systematize eye-catching results that sell.  

Our informed space planning, fashion-forward finish selections and onsite solutions accelerate your construction schedule for a product your buyers will love. 

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At Work

Increase productivity committed to your brand.

The results we foster make recruitment and retention effortless in healthy work environments that empower a collaborative community of experts energized to advance your cause.

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